• And herbicide tolerance has made possible a shift to more benign herbicides and to environment-friendly no-till farming.

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  • These companies often need to build factories and buy expensive industrial equipment to produce environment-friendly electricity, gasoline and other types of power.

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  • Most of these new varieties are designed to be resistant to pests and diseases, or to be resistant to herbicides, so that farmers can more effectively control weeds while adopting more environment-friendly no-till farming practices and more benign herbicides.

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  • Those very herbicide-resistant plants, now grown on more than 220 million acres annually worldwide, have spurred the adoption of more environment-friendly herbicides and agricultural practices--changes that have markedly reduced soil erosion, the runoff of agricultural chemicals and carbon dioxide emissions, and increased yields.

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  • Although such genetic engineering is essentially an extension, or refinement, of techniques that have been around for centuries, it has led to less use of chemical pesticides, a drop in pesticide poisoning of farmers and their families, more environment-friendly agronomic practices and greater profits for farmers.

    FORBES: How Groundbreaking New Technologies Are Smothered By Anti-Technology Ideologues

  • People moved here because of the schools, the low crime rate, the job opportunities and a business-friendly environment.

    ECONOMIST: Europe's treaty conundrum

  • Japan's increasingly merger-friendly environment, its accounting reforms and banking consolidation may all help.

    ECONOMIST: Japanese corporate profits

  • After easing the user into the new gamepad-friendly environment, the new UI offers three familiar options: Store, Library and Community.

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  • Another idea was put forward: that of creating a business-friendly environment for the economy which would be more beneficial for the country than to punish businesses which made profits during and even from apartheid.


  • How do you create a female-friendly work environment at a startup?

    FORBES: Do Females Among First Hires Have An Effect On The Success Of A Startup?

  • Job growth, lack of personal income taxes on a state level, and a business-friendly regulatory environment all contributed to Texas welcoming the most newcomers of any state — 427, 400 people — over the course of the year.

    FORBES: North Dakota Leads List Of America's Fastest-Growing States

  • Still, is that discrepancy causally connected to right-to-work laws or to other employment-friendly attributes — lower corporate taxes or a less stringent regulatory environment — in the right-to-work state?

    FORBES: Right-To-Work: Does It Improve Teacher Quality?

  • Far-reaching economic reforms are creating a friendly environment for investors.

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  • These moguls have made significant commitments to the environment, whether through investment in technology, commitment to earth-friendly living or simply by raising the world's environmental awareness.

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  • According to a recent report from the McKinsey Quarterly, Method, a maker of household cleaning products that is widely praised for its environmentally-friendly practices, refuses to compromise for the environment when it comes to the aesthetics of its products.

    FORBES: How Far Should Companies Go In The Name Of CSR?

  • So everything about the environment was, as we say now but didn't say then, child-friendly.

    NPR: Disneyland to Celebrate 50 Years

  • Bill Ford insists his commitment to the environment hasn't wavered, and he offers as evidence his pet project, an eco-friendly manufacturing plant opening next year in Dearborn.

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