• Regev also promised that if Chomsky returns, he will be granted an entry visa.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Reclaiming our language from the Left

  • The tale of Mr Abdulmutallab, who had a multiple-entry visa to America, will feed the fear that al-Qaeda is trying to use militants with easy access to the West.

    ECONOMIST: The resurgence of al-Qaeda

  • One man, Sam Bahoor(ph), who has lived in Ramallah on a renewable three-month tourist visa for the past 14 years, was given only a month-long entry visa when he arrived a few weeks ago.

    NPR: Israel Limits West Bank Residency Permits

  • Given Taiwan's Chinese-imposed isolation, the island is keen to be on friendly terms with Japan, one of the few countries to grant Taiwanese visa-free entry.

    ECONOMIST: China, Japan and Taiwan

  • In the wake of the latest, narrowly averted massacre at the hands of jihadists, we are being promised executive branch reviews of the practice that, in the wake of his father's warning, put Abdulmuttalab on the improbably named Terrorist Identities Datamart Environment (TIDE) database - but did not revoke his multiple entry U.S. visa or otherwise keep him from flying.


  • But the H-1B visa battle over legal entry for the highly trained--many from Asia--is also part of the swirling American debate.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • On May 24th the two countries are expected to ease a tight visa regime, allowing multiple-entry visas and access beyond each country's three largest cities.

    ECONOMIST: India-Pakistan relations

  • Going back to the topic of national security, yesterday, as you know, you just commented on the President announced that he wants to speed up the tourist visa process in certain countries, as well as expand the Global Entry program.

    WHITEHOUSE: Press Briefing

  • It is surprising that the Directive is not being leveraged more by the established U.S. players because it grants a license and the authority to issue prepaid Mastercard and VISA products directly after attaining card association membership thereby dramatically lowering the barriers to entry.

    FORBES: Payoneer Quietly Enters Gibraltar Prepaid Market

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