• She was meant to drop him at his apartment, but when she drew up at the entrance she opened the car door at her side, as he did his, and went to him in the street.

    NEWYORKER: A Beneficiary

  • The burgundy door was at the entrance to a studio in the Kensington area of the city where the band, then known as The Quarrymen, did their first professional recording session.

    BBC: Please Please Me single

  • Like many Moscow apartments, it did not look much from the outside - a heavy, grey-steel security door, a scruffy communal entrance hall, a grand old staircase with a cast-iron banister spoiled by multiple layers of shiny, off-blue institutional paint.

    BBC: In Moscow, history is everywhere

  • He was caught on school surveillance cameras, the sheriff said, using a side entrance instead of the school's main door and "appearing nervous" as he tried to conceal the shotgun when he entered the school.


  • Nevertheless, I kept an open mind, found the entrance to the plant and entered through a rickety door.

    FORBES: Beyond Skin Deep... Finding Hidden Value in a Distressed Company

  • This means we huddled on the floor against the wall on which the classroom entrance is located (it makes us less visible targets) with the door locked and our lights off.

    ECONOMIST: America��s gun laws

  • The entrance to White's own office is a glass and wood dentist's door, etched with the "John White the Third".

    BBC: Jack White's meaningful style

  • Why, he was asked Tuesday by one MP, did he go in the back entrance to see David Cameron days after his election as prime minister rather than the front door, like heads of state?

    CNN: British politicians rightly close the door to Murdoch

  • Signs posted outside the door of the club described it as a "weapon-free zone" and said the entrance of couples, unaccompanied women or anyone under 30 is forbidden.

    CNN: 2 U.S. officials shot in Caracas strip club

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