• The harmony is, in places, arrestingly thick and hazy, the layering of motifs engagingly contrapuntal.

    NEWYORKER: Number Nine

  • He is nonetheless engagingly willing to concede that it has faults and keen to see them corrected.

    ECONOMIST: New York opinion-makers

  • In that way, The Meat of Life is one of Clem Snide's most adult records, as thought-provoking as it is engagingly catchy.

    NPR: Exclusive First Listen: Clem Snide

  • The strength of Ms Harman's new biography is how it engagingly explores in fresh detail how the conscious warred with the unconscious in Stevenson himself.

    ECONOMIST: A man who, by turns, was seductive and infuriating

  • Mr Green writes engagingly, and his pen-portraits are particularly well drawn.

    ECONOMIST: Sudan

  • As Mr Shoumatoff admits in his engagingly candid acknowledgments, his book was overseen by a variety of editors and draws from several long articles written for magazines.

    ECONOMIST: Travels in the desert

  • IR—As your writers, although quite engagingly erudite, are most likely products of the late 20th century, it is understandable that they are hazy about dates in their dim past.

    ECONOMIST: Letters

  • Ms Scott is engagingly candid about her biographical method.

    ECONOMIST: Mysterious Molière

  • If I write stuff that I believe will be useful, and write it as clearly and engagingly as I know how, that gives me the best odds of reaching lots of people.

    FORBES: How I Wrote Yesterday's Most-Viewed Post on Forbes (Hint: I Don't Know)

  • The story of his quest to discover Gannibal's identity in places as far-flung as Novoselenginsk on the Chinese border, and Pskov at the other end of the Russian empire, is engagingly told.

    ECONOMIST: 18th-century heroes

  • The subsequent tour of attitudes to this desire in western thought and literature is engagingly illustrated and masterfully argued, especially when it takes on the view that sex ought to be reserved for reproduction and not enjoyed for its own sake—an easy target, as Mr Blackburn demonstrates, but still a necessary one.

    ECONOMIST: The deadly sins

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