• World War II gave us not only the digital electronic computer, but also, thanks to radar and microwave technology, modern telecommunications.

    FORBES: Malone's Musings: Memorial Day 1999

  • Richardson was ultimately vindicated with the advent of the electronic computer, which speeded up calculations and made numerical modelling of the atmosphere possible.

    ECONOMIST: Weather maps

  • Like the first-ever sales brochure for an electronic digital computer, put out in 1947.

    FORBES: Cyber Treasures For Sale

  • Allowing for inflation, this is roughly a third of what it might have cost to build in Babbage's day—in contrast to the cost of electronic-computer technology, which halves in price every 18 months.

    ECONOMIST: The world’s latest computer

  • Transmeta's low-power chips are billed as a natural fit for wireless Internet appliances-- Microsoft (nasdaq: MSFT - news - people), for instance, is reportedly working with Transmeta to develop a new electronic tablet computer.

    FORBES: Transmeta Defies Bad News

  • Then the big boys with global licences arrive: Lego to make construction kits (build your own Hogwarts castle), Mattel to make Harry Potter toys, and Electronic Arts computer games—including, finally, a chance to play the obscure game of Quidditch (a bit like an aerial version of polo, but with the contestants flying on broomsticks).

    ECONOMIST: Harry Potter and the publishing goldmine

  • It has sued dozens of companies, claiming to have patented the very idea of selling computer software and other electronic goods over a computer network.

    ECONOMIST: It was my idea

  • Mabuchi Motor has half the world market for tiny electric motors used in electronic gadgets and computer drives.

    ECONOMIST: Japan’s growth companies

  • Robert Metcalfe, who three decades ago invented Ethernet, the first great electronic protocol for computer networks, foresees a "gigalapse"--a blackout spanning one billion person-hours.

    FORBES: Weaving The Perfect Net

  • But tiny electronic gadgets like Apple Computer 's iPod Nano have paved the way to a smaller, sleeker aesthetic.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • By comparison, it takes roughly 1 million atoms to store a bit of data on a modern computer or electronic device.

    ENGADGET: Extreme closeup! IBM makes 'world's smallest movie' using atoms (video)

  • Manufacturing industries reporting contraction in July included manufacturers of wood and paper products, computer and electronic products, textile mills, chemical products, transportation equipment and machinery.

    FORBES: Private manufacturers' sales up 9%

  • Morean who built Jabil Circuit into one of the primary providers of electronic circuitry to the computer industry titans like Cisco, Hewlett-Packard and other.

    FORBES: Who Got Really Rich This Week: The Man Who Saved Wall St, A Chessmaster & More

  • But tiny electronic gadgets like Apple Computer 's (nasdaq: AAPL - news - people ) iPod Nano have paved the way to a smaller, sleeker aesthetic.

    FORBES: Emily Lambert On Retailing

  • Apple never fared well by partnering with computer and consumer electronic superstores.

    FORBES: It's Not The Rapture, But Apple's 10th Anniversary Comes Close

  • Related and supporting capabilities include computer network operations, electronic warfare, deception, operations security (OPSEC), intelligence, perception management, psychological operations (PSYOPs), and public affairs.

    FORBES: DOD Cyberspace Strategy is Too Narrow, Too Negative

  • Electronic trading and the proliferation of computer-based trade execution programs has given birth to these companies and so-called dark pools, which help brokers or asset management firms move huge blocks of shares at once without tipping off the markets.

    FORBES: Crank Up The Volume

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