• The Los Angeles Times has embarked on a project to measure the impact of effective teaching.

    NPR: 'L.A. Times' Series Examines Teacher Ratings

  • The agreement, signed a year ago, described 21 tasks which got in the way of effective teaching.

    BBC: teacher photocopying

  • "Effective teaching and learning cannot take place against a constant background of disruptive behaviour by pupils, " said Mr Perfect.

    BBC: Spoilt 'little Buddhas misbehaving in class'

  • Another felt that a mentor-mentee relationship can develop through effective teaching by managers who see positive development in those being managed.

    FORBES: Have We Forgotten the Importance of Mentors??

  • It may surprise you it was certainly surprising to us but the field of education doesn't know very much at all about effective teaching.

    WSJ: Bill and Melinda Gates on Teacher Evaluation

  • In conjunction with these training modules, work has been done towards developing regional professional standards for teachers and principals for effective teaching.


  • Therefore performance-related pay is not simply "payment by results", but effective teaching resulting in real progress by pupils, related to pupils' individual circumstances.

    BBC: Performance pay: Head to head

  • For the last several years, our foundation has been working with more than 3, 000 teachers on a large research project called Measures of Effective Teaching, or MET.

    WSJ: Bill and Melinda Gates on Teacher Evaluation

  • And here at Graham Road, they're using innovative approaches to provide effective teaching to all their students, and that's something that all of America's schools have to do.

    WHITEHOUSE: Race to the Top for Education Reform

  • And if lessons learned from addressing equally complex challenges in other sectors are any guide, investing in a reliable system to measure and support effective teaching will pay rich dividends.

    CNN: Bill Gates: Invest in better teaching

  • Because we have been unable to define effective teaching, we now reward teachers for easy-to-measure proxies like master's degrees and seniority, even though there is no evidence that these things help students learn.

    WSJ: Bill and Melinda Gates on Teacher Evaluation

  • Starting in 2009, the Gates Foundation supported a project known as the Measure of Effective Teaching, or MET, which worked with 3, 000 teachers to come up an evaluation and feedback system that helped teachers improve.

    FORBES: Bill Gates Says There Is Something Perverse In College Ratings

  • If you had to pinpoint the single most important factor to decision-makers in American higher education, it would not be truth, it would not be justice, and it certainly would not be effective teaching and learning.

    FORBES: Liability Reigns Supreme at the Corporate University

  • The department also quotes research from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in the United States which has argued that good teaching is vital to pupil achievement - and as such it is important to be able to measure what represents effective teaching.

    BBC: Teachers' performance pay on pupil progress

  • In another growing sign of interest in educational developments around the world, the Council on Basic Education has taken the lead on a major international effort using student work to illustrate teaching practices in nine nations, assist countries in benchmarking their own teaching against that of other countries, and share effective teaching techniques across national borders.

    UNESCO: II Part Analytic Section

  • The gentleman's game is also effective in teaching good sportsmanship, the Loughborough University report adds.

    BBC: Cricket could be key to calmer classrooms, report says

  • The retraining scheme has been so effective at teaching service-industry skills that Lego had to discourage the Billund airport and the owners of a new water park called Lalandia Billund from poaching the trainees before it was ready to really lay them off.

    FORBES: Copenhagen Capitalism

  • The Department for Education maintains that international evidence demonstrates that phonics is the most effective way of teaching early reading.

    BBC: Teachers reject 'pointless' new phonics check

  • And from the government's point of view is that we are actually trying to group this together so that we give a more effective way of teaching.

    CNN: Interview with Jack Neo

  • Classrooms and labs for K-12 and higher education should have modern, rock-solid technology, but it needs to be coupled with effective professional development, sound teaching strategies and a rigorous curriculum.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • An effective remedy is to emphasize the teaching of Southeast Asian history and culture as well as languages.


  • Clay credits Dr. Danco for teaching him how to be an effective mentor to others.

    FORBES: A Tribute to a Family Business Legend, Dr. Leon Danco

  • These tech neophytes couldn't fathom how teaching over a computer would be effective.

    FORBES: Good morning, HAL

  • Serious problems have been identified in the quality of pre-service teacher training, in terms of both subject matter knowledge and skills in the field of teaching that are necessary to be effective in the classroom.


  • The UNESCO-Microsoft Task Force on Higher Education and ICT will analyze the findings and recommendations of the WCHE, in addition to feedback from global higher education experts and stakeholders, to identify key initiatives that will promote more effective use of ICT in post-secondary teaching, learning and research.


  • We would give them the tools they need to be effective educators, from autonomy in lesson plans and teaching methods, to strong curriculums from which to work from.

    FORBES: A Response to Megan McArdle

  • Dan Kennedy is a master of teaching diverse businesspeople to become rainmakers through more effective marketing.

    FORBES: Complaining About the Economy vs. Becoming a Rainmaker

  • Come on, will teaching them how to use LinkedIn really make them more effective?

    FORBES: Top Ten Reasons To Ban Social Media Access At Work

  • The extra pay was three times more effective in boosting student test scores than spending the same money on teaching materials.

    ECONOMIST: Education

  • The training will, first of all, enable teachers to make an effective use of the Internet, to easily find and deal with information related to their teaching subjects.


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