• And so we get governments that are obsessed with economics and reduce their citizens to their economic utility.


  • Lehman's bankruptcy and AIG's failure suggest Wall Street has too much leverage and too much capital devoted to products of questionable economic utility.

    ECONOMIST: Saving Wall Street

  • The total amount of coal sold to utility customers was not significantly impacted during the economic downturn as utility coal is used in power plants for generating electricity, the demand for which is largely inelastic.

    FORBES: Massey Digs Deeper For More Coal, Stock's No Diamond

  • Our report for the World Economic Forum suggests that utility companies should complement technology rollouts with more effective education campaigns.

    FORBES: Hard Lessons For Smart Grids

  • Utilities are clearly aware of their public images and how their CEO compensation packages might be construed against a backdrop of hard economic times and rising utility rates.

    FORBES: Are Utility CEO Pay Packages Fair Compared to Average Workers?

  • Even the much-maligned figure of rational economic man, maximising his utility, is less an article of faith than an excuse to use calculus.

    ECONOMIST: Economics focus

  • Kempton's theory is beginning to win applause from some car and utility folks, but daunting technical and economic obstacles make it a tough sell.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • One set of authors concluded that the reversal effect was inconsistent not only with utility theory but also with every existing theory of economic decision-making.

    ECONOMIST: News from the lab

  • This makes it an example of limited utility for America, a country that needs strong economic growth in order to maintain both its quality of life and overall social sustainability.

    FORBES: New Geographer

  • This is particularly true in the utility sector, where energy companies can help fuel the economic recovery and job creation through capital spending.

    FORBES: To Avoid A Fiscal Cliff Dive, Extend Today's Dividend Tax Rates

  • Obviously those discussions are going to continue into tomorrow, but, again, we believe that this demonstrates the utility of the G20 serving as the focal point for this type of international economic coordination and the ability to advance a broad agenda over time and the ability to deal with very specific crises as they emerge.

    WHITEHOUSE: Press Briefing

  • At the tail end of the global economic boom, when concerns about the environment were widely voiced, large "gas-guzzling" sports utility vehicles (SUVs) became objects of loathing and ridicule.

    BBC: Business

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