• He is also disarmingly candid and unstuffy qualities a far cry from the dreary Sov-speak style with which some politicians are still infected.

    ECONOMIST: Toomas Ilves, Estonia��s American-European

  • With the Senate likely to vote on the issue this week, the payroll tax cut has devolved into yet another dreary black-and-white partisan debate.

    FORBES: Payroll Tax Holiday: Better Than Nothing, But Still Not Very Good

  • Nadal hails from the dreary check-printing business in the cold climes of Canada, where he runs Nasdaq-traded MDC Partners, a Toronto-based company that owns 19 small-to-midsize marketing outfits.

    FORBES: "Who Is This Guy"

  • Nadal hails from the dreary check-printing business in the cold climes of Canada, where he runs Nasdaq-traded MDC Partners, a Toronto-based company that owns 19 small to midsize marketing outfits.

    FORBES: "Who Is This Guy?"

  • Gaming Partners reported dreary fourth-quarter 2006 earnings Tuesday night.

    FORBES: Doubling Down

  • The heroine, the fortyish Hester Collyer (Rachel Weisz), has left her husband, a rich, distinguished barrister (Simon Russell Beale), and is living in a dreary bed-sit in London with a former R.

    NEWYORKER: Crash Landing

  • No treacherous swim to the border is necessary to escape your dreary day-to-day when you spice things up in the uniquely pet-friendly layouts and luxe linens the Mediterranean revival structure has to offer.

    BBC: Daily deal: Boutique seduction on a Havanese holiday

  • It's not a shock, even after the Mets clung to him past the trading deadline during their dreary, second-to-last 2011 season.

    WSJ: Jason Gay: Stars Like Reyes Aren't Supposed to Flee New York

  • On a recent jaunt down the sunny slopes and around snowy downtown, I ate meals that would have delighted me had I dressed up for them in dreary, food-obsessed New York.

    FORBES: Aspen Ups The Ante On Apres-Ski Dining: The Best New Restaurants On The Slopes

  • The other is the oh-so-dreary grind.

    FORBES: 'Marvel Heroes' Beta Preview: All Click, No Reward

  • The hours of killing time before riding over to the hall, the putrid vending-machine meals on the run, the way-too-early-in-the-morning vans to the airport -- the dreary parts all become more than worth it when, for an hour or so, the singers can once again personally deliver a bit of happiness to the audiences who still adore their music.

    CNN: What's better than a Grammy? Immortality

  • He's among thousands of people standing in line in the dreary midmorning heat of Port-au-Prince.

    NPR: Haitians Flock to Vote in National Elections

  • Its backers, who include Tom Clancy, a rich novelist, are betting that its radical design will prove superior to dreary old rockets and space-planes.

    ECONOMIST: On a rotor-blade and a prayer | The

  • In a game, we may find the fighting tedious, or the storyline dreary, or the never-ending grind to reach higher levels in World of Warcraft just too much trouble, and so we use some sort of cheat to jump ahead in the game's timeline, maybe all the way to the conclusion.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • The city is filled with palazzo owners renting out dreary spaces no better than third-rate hotel rooms.

    FORBES: The timeless world of the Venetian aristocracy lives on.

  • There is a case mostly a dreary one, based on damage-limitation for joining the euro.

    ECONOMIST: Just let��s get stuck in

  • Across the way, supplicants throng the barbed-wire ringing the dreary old Palestine Hotel, now a makeshift citadel for American officers, Iraqi oppositionists and journalists, the trio who are the city's new ruling powers, the dispensers of jobs, aid and information.

    ECONOMIST: Postwar Iraq

  • The dreary saga of Dwight Howard near-traded and withdrawn so many times over the past year, like a dull prank concluded mercifully with the news that Howard would move from Orlando to the Lakers.

    WSJ: 2012 London Olympics: U.S. Basketball, Too Good to Be Viewed��Jason Gay

  • And Clinton has never acquiesced to the dreary reality of being a perpetual senator of New York -- just not good enough to burnish her place in the history books.

    CNN: Commentary: Clinton pick would be brilliant, but risky, move

  • The problem is improving care system-wide is going to be statistical trench war, dreary and not good political theater.

    FORBES: Obama Reopens Health Reform Debate

  • True to his style, Mr Mbeki delivered a dreary, technocratic speech that lasted for over two hours, listing the socio-economic achievements of the past decade.

    ECONOMIST: Political upheaval in the ruling ANC

  • But local officials are more preoccupied with revving up the economy of Huimin, whose dreary main street enjoys a burst of colour from the frontage of a 24-hour McDonald's.

    ECONOMIST: China abroad

  • Amid new regulation, lower profits and a dreary market for mergers and acquisitions, several banks are planning to trim investment-banking units that were built for an era of deals aplenty.

    WSJ: Wall Street Gets Lean

  • But it would require conservative intellectuals to dissociate themselves from their brethren who deny evolution, global warming and the value of stem-cell research, while promoting homophobia and the rest of the dreary litany of popular but ludicrous conservative causes.

    ECONOMIST: Software's hard lesson

  • If your job makes you feel dreary, it could be time to introduce vegetation to your personal breathing zone -- an area of six to eight cubic feet (0.2 cubic meters) -- where we spend most of our working day.

    CNN: Office foliage for feel good factor

  • This time there's hope he'll create a revival on the dreary north end of the Strip, where the Desert Inn is located, a no-man's-land of aging dowagers and low-roller joints.

    FORBES: Show Stopper

  • Still, the floor-to-ceiling walls of windows offered a mesmerizing, if a bit gray and dreary, view of the Thames and the newly dwarfed skyline of Canary Wharf in the distance.

    WSJ: Shard Is London's Latest Excuse to Party, Whinge

  • Considering the president's genuine popularity among groups most likely to vote, such as the rural poor, and the bias towards him of the state-controlled broadcasts that Iranians mainly rely on, the stage looked set for a dreary campaign.

    ECONOMIST: Iran's presidential election

  • In five years it has extended its vast tentacles into thousands of check-cashing joints, pawnshops and other gritty outposts of the fringe economy to better exploit the dreary unbankability of the underclass.

    FORBES: On the Backs Of the Poor

  • Sure, the once-yearly opportunity to poke fun at an ill-judged Oscars dress or a super-gushy acceptance speech (gather, Kate, gather) is a welcome prospect in these dreary days of economic doom and gloom.

    CNN: 2009 Oscars: More snooze than sizzle?

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