• One may be tempted to draw a similar conclusion from the decline of unionization in the U.S. and the increases in labor regulations over the last 50 years.

    FORBES: How to Improve Working Conditions

  • The public does not want to understand the fiendish complexity of the EU. Many in the EU establishment draw a simple conclusion from that: never ask voters directly about something as complicated as a treaty.

    ECONOMIST: Charlemagne

  • Food-industry defenders point out that their children are as porky as those anywhere else—though given the multiplicity of factors involved in fattening a population, it is hard to draw a firm policy conclusion from that evidence.

    ECONOMIST: Junk food

  • One conclusion I can draw from the survey is advice for potential college students.

    FORBES: Education Majors Earn Less Regardless of Career

  • So what conclusion did you draw from LTV?

    FORBES: Dow Jones Interactive

  • Unfortunately the conclusion that many will draw from what happened in Cyprus and previous history is that there is no safe place beyond the old mattress and the tin can in the yard.

    FORBES: There's Something Very Strange About The Cyprus Bank Haircut. Very Strange Indeed

  • When you have mastered a subject, you can recall two or more facts and, from those facts draw a conclusion as to how your newly recalled data points might combine to create an entirely different, perhaps unexpected point of view.

    FORBES: Best Buy's Success Secret

  • The conclusion that Baghdadis are beginning to draw from all this is that their government has shrewdly wrong-footed the coalition forces.

    ECONOMIST: On the very eve, Baghdadis were still optimistic

  • Dr Yokota (and also Drs Lundeen and Steinberg) managed to observe them without looking, as it were, by not gathering enough information from any one interaction to draw a conclusion, and then pooling these partial results so that the total became meaningful.

    ECONOMIST: Physics and philosophy

  • But from these Internet icons' subsequent pratfalls you might draw the wrong conclusion about technology startups and miss the point about 1995-2000.

    FORBES: CLASS STARS: 1995-2000

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