• You add in the sump pump, the French drain, the alarm system, the slate roof, the gutters, the generator and you convince yourself that you're safe.

    WSJ: Anna Quindlen on a Message Delivered by Tornado | House Call

  • They're designed to counter Republican denunciations that the legislation is a government takeover of the health care system that will drain the federal treasury.

    NPR: What Are The Immediate Effects Of Health Bill Passing?

  • The Shanghai Composite fell 1% to 2286.60 after the central bank signaled that it planned to drain more cash from the financial system.

    WSJ: Asian Shares Fall; Liquidity Concerns Hit Shanghai

  • As I've written before, this has the ability, on any given day, to provoke a drain of liquidity from the Greek banking system, forcing the Bank of Greece to ask for levels of Emergency Liquidity Assistance that the ECB just cannot countenance.

    BBC: Euro talks: The last signal before the storm?

  • Instead of having a pension system that's a fiscal drain, we would have one that's a capital creator.

    FORBES: Fact and Comment

  • This partially offsets the mark-to-market drain on regulatory capital and helps hold the financial system together.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Thousands of light bulbs illuminate the gigantic main terminal and unused parking lots around the clock, a massive energy and cost drain that appears to be the result of a computer system that's so sophisticated it's almost impossible to operate.

    NPR: Berlin's Airport Project Delays Shame Germans

  • CareFusion nurse educators work mostly at hospitals, where they teach nurses how to use the company's products, like the Alaris Smartpump, which pushes medication through a catheter, or the PleurX catheter system, through which end-stage cancer patients drain body fluids.

    FORBES: Careers

  • By 1977 the drain had become so great as to threaten the financial solvency of the system.

    CNN: A Debt-Threatened Dream

  • Inefficiency and corruption in the justice system must be tackled urgently, not least because huge and often unjustified claims for damages are an enormous drain on the public purse.

    ECONOMIST: Lula's balancing act

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