• All this means that it will be tough for Google to dislodge Apple from its digital-music throne.

    ECONOMIST: The web giant launches a rival to Apple��s iTunes

  • It's true of natural gas "fracking, " where liquid is injected into the ground to dislodge gas from cracks in the rock.

    CNN: Maybe this oil spill will stick

  • It was going to finally dislodge Google from its undisputed place atop the search heap and change the way we ordered information online.

    FORBES: Graph Search Is Facebook's Siri

  • The first was that Miss Megawati and her coalition partners would win a substantial share of the vote, but fail to dislodge Golkar from government.

    ECONOMIST: Indonesia holds its breath | The

  • Smith, who has been at Ibrox since 2002, has been unable to dislodge Papac from Walter Smith's side and has been plagued by a pelvic problem.

    BBC: Defender Stevie Smith expects to leave Rangers

  • It was, after all, a movement of thousands of lawyers taking to the streets protesting the sacking of the Supreme Court chief justice by the military dictator Pervez Musharraf in 2007 that helped to dislodge Musharraf from power.

    CNN: What's working in Pakistan

  • Many others have tried to dislodge fans away from Rush Limbaugh, including former Senator Fred Thompson.

    FORBES: Mike Huckabee Launches New Radio Show Today

  • What is clear is that the American-led operation to dislodge the fighters from Najaf carries huge risks.

    ECONOMIST: Fight to the finish in Najaf | The

  • The neighborhood is strategically important for the government as its forces try to dislodge opposition fighters from several central districts that have been under rebel control for more than a year.

    NPR: Syrian Troops Advance In Central City Of Homs

  • The army's offensive to dislodge rebel fighters from neighborhoods ringing Damascus is part of the government's broader campaign to secure central provinces of Hama and Homs, and areas along the Lebanese border.

    NPR: Syrian Troops Capture Key Town Near Damascus

  • NATO's International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan has taken a battering in recent months, suffering record casualties as it tries to dislodge Taliban fighters from areas of the country where they hold sway.

    CNN: New NATO chief warns of Afghan 'terror Grand Central'

  • Known for firing off harsh letters lambasting corporate executives and board members of companies he is targeting, in 2012 Loeb led a successful effort to dislodge Scott Thompson from the CEO position at Yahoo and replace him with Marissa Mayer.

    FORBES: Daniel S. Loeb

  • Novartis' breakthrough cancer drug Gleevec helped somewhat but failed to dislodge the mutant cells from their hideout inside his bone marrow.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Novartis (nyse: NVS - news - people )' breakthrough cancer drug Gleevec helped somewhat but failed to dislodge the mutant cells from their hideout inside his bone marrow.

    FORBES: The Race Is On

  • The prime minister, who was in Basra overseeing the fighting in its early days, brushed off criticism that the widespread action was poorly planned, was politically motivated and failed to dislodge the renegade militias from their strongholds across the southern city.

    CNN: Al-Sadr offers to help Iraqi security forces

  • However, that was not enough to dislodge the latest James Bond film Skyfall from the top of the chart.

    BBC: Ben Affleck to receive Modern Master honour

  • French officials have expressed concerns about the possibility of greater instability in Libya, where they believe at least some rebel fighters from Mali fled following France's military onslaught to dislodge al-Qaida-linked militants who controlled the vast north of the West African country for months.

    NPR: Car Bomb Targets French Embassy In Libya

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