• The die-off was least severe in the southern bay, where there was a 7 percent overall decrease and where new beds were found in the main stem of the James River.

    WSJ: Chesapeake Bay grasses decline again

  • Without new conservation measures, there could be a massive die-off of Caribbean frogs within 15 years, warned Adrell Nunez, an amphibian expert with the Santo Domingo Zoo in the Dominican Republic.

    NPR: Alarm Over Vanishing Frogs In The Caribbean

  • What did not die in that trade-off was sabotaged by the political jockeying and pandering that followed as the World Trade Center site was turned into a giant memorial and bizarre pairing of art and patriotism, a place for political grandstanding while security fought architecture to a draw.

    WSJ: New York Stadium Deals: Good and Bad

  • The sell-off is die to the company cutting its dollar forecast for the year.

    FORBES: Retail Sales And Jobless Claims Underwhelm But Stocks Stay Positive

  • And four other great die-offs have been identified - one of them killing off something like 90% of species.

    BBC: Why such a fuss about extinction?

  • Januvia and Galvus appear not only to spare patients the side effects of older medicines, but also to help preserve the beta cells in the pancreas--the cells that produce insulin, and that often die off in diabetes patients.

    FORBES: Diabetes Duel

  • "I was really tired last year and fully resigned to go off to the Balkans to die, " said one 13-year-old Beijinger after she passed the entrance exam for a middle school attached to the renowned People's University.


  • It will take a while before the new-issues market recovers, and in the meantime some companies will die off.

    FORBES: The McCaw Mafia

  • For some of GM's global partners collaboration is not only a cost-saver--it's a way to save a brand that otherwise might die off.

    FORBES: Global Motors

  • Well-off grown kids are also helping their parents during their lifetime, not just if they die first.

    FORBES: Your Parents As Beneficiaries Of Your Estate?

  • Memorial Sloan-Kettering's Studer spent years trying to transform adult stem cells into neurons to study why they die off prematurely in Parkinson's disease.

    FORBES: Anti-Ban Billionaires

  • However, there are problems with longer-term use, as the skin constantly produces new cells, while those at the surface die and are brushed off, meaning a new sensor would need to be attached at least every fortnight.

    BBC: Health

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