• The brewery is planning to open another plant in the development zone this year, but it will be more automated.

    ECONOMIST: Tibet

  • Four years later, party leaders of the development zone where the Motorola plant is located decided to tell the company what was going on.

    ECONOMIST: Economically, but not politically

  • Nearly ten years after its launch, the Lhasa Economic and Technological Development Zone is still a mostly desolate expanse on the edge of the city.

    ECONOMIST: Tibet

  • Syracuse contains New York State's oldest economic development zone, established in 1987 and now covering about 12% of the city's 26 square miles, designed to attract investment in real estate and businesses with a myriad of financial incentives.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • The plan is to transform the area into a huge mixed-use development zone, which will include the largest urban park built in Europe in the last 150 years, and then use revenue from home sales rents to pay for the land purchase.

    FORBES: London Olympics Could Cost Taxpayers $17B

  • "Subsidizing development in the hit zone only encourages more hits and more hit losses, " Houck said.

    NPR: Feds Propose Massive Buyout for Mississippi Coast

  • It is accelerating the ramp development and exploration drilling at the zone and is incorporating the results into a study on future phased expansion.

    FORBES: Production At Agnico-Eagle's Meadowbank Mine Drives Performance

  • The Ekati Diamond Mine, located in the Northwest Territories of Canada, consists of the Core Zone, which includes the current operating mine and other permitted kimberlite pipes, as well as the Buffer Zone, an adjacent area hosting kimberlite pipes having both development and exploration potential.

    FORBES: Harry Winston to Purchase Ekati Diamond Mine For $500 Million

  • The prudent use of coastal development setbacks or establishing a safe distance between buildings and the active beach zone can ensure that space is provided for a beach to move naturally, both during normal events and infrequent hurricanes, thereby ensuring the beach is conserved for all to enjoy and that coastal infrastructure remains intact.

    UNESCO: Introduction

  • Vladimir Arkhipov, the Russian foreign-trade ministry's representative in Primorsky Krai's free economic zone of Nakhodka wonders why Russians should tend to anything but their own development problems, such as those at Vostochny port.

    ECONOMIST: It looks good, even with North Korea as a partner

  • It can be considered as a model for promoting integrated eco-tourism development in similar islands and may serve as the basis for a larger marine and terrestrial buffer zone.


  • The Ventana is located within the coastal zone, an area regulated by the commission, an independent state agency that oversees coastal development.

    NPR: APNewsBreak: Mogul To Pay $2.5M In Settlement

  • The zone was built up by Richard Gordon, a former local mayor, who now heads the development.

    ECONOMIST: The Philippines

  • Reiterating their claims to reserves located in the exclusive economic zone, the Cypriot government dismissed the warnings from Ankara, stating that they would continue to pursue development agreements, according to a Platts report.

    FORBES: Turkey Issues Warning Against Natural Gas Efforts with Cyprus

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