• Connecting a dull activity (scoring tests, say) to a meaningful purpose (determining scientific results) can help maintain attentiveness.

    WSJ: Interesting Fact: There's a Yawning Need for Boring Professors

  • If the rental real estate activities are section 162 trades or businesses, the rules in section 469(c)(7) and Sec. 1.469-9 will apply in determining whether a rental real estate activity of a real estate professional is a passive activity for purposes of section 1411(c)(2)(A).

    FORBES: Can Real Estate Professionals Beat The 3.8% Obamacare Tax ?

  • Couple that with the possibility that the daily experience of a carreer instills confidence and a greater awareness of a support system outside of the marriage (both key ingredients in determining the need to end a bad relationship).

    FORBES: Readers Say

  • Since many innovations represent a solution to a technical problem, this approach often involved determining other industries (or other situations within the same industry) in which a similar problem arose, and then generalizing the description of the innovation so that it could be used in those other industries or situations.

    FORBES: Old Model: Patents Protect Products. New Model: Patents Themselves Are Products

  • Where both twins had the disease, there was an average of 3.66 years difference in age at onset between 25 sets of identical twins, and 8.12 years difference between 20 sets of fraternal (dizygotic) twins, suggesting genes had a role in determining when Alzheimer's was seen.

    BBC: NEWS | Health | Alzheimer's risk 'is 80% genetic'

  • After determining your location (if you grant permission), the app will pull up a location in the TV series with comparable weather.

    FORBES: 7 'Game of Thrones' Apps to Get You Through the Long Winter

  • Almost as bad as noncomputable problems are intractable ones (such as determining whether there is a guaranteed winning strategy for an arbitrary chess position), which cannot be solved in a reasonable amount of time.

    ECONOMIST: Computer science

  • Washington (CNN) -- A common benchmark in the United States for determining when a driver is legally drunk is not doing enough to prevent alcohol-related crashes that kill about 10, 000 people each year and should be made more restrictive, transportation safety investigators say.


  • The second aspect of investment risk, peculiar to 401(k)s, is the risk that your employer makes a bad choice in determining what investment alternatives to offer employee participants in the plan.

    FORBES: 401(k)s: Far More Dangerous Than IRAs (March 2, 2001)

  • It seems pretty clear that GDP would have been a useful helper in determining stock performance, though by no means would it have been a perfect (or even the best available) tool.

    FORBES: John Mauldin's Muddled Stock Return Model

  • The relative size of the three biggest economies in the euro area (Germany, France and Italy) means that their reform efforts will go a long way towards determining the growth prospects of the whole zone.

    ECONOMIST: Room for improvement

  • One provision of the Act, Title II, creates an Orderly Liquidation Panel charged with determining if a company on the brink of collapse can be placed into receivership under the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).

    FORBES: Can Bank Of America Dispose Of Countrywide?

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