• Ask Adelman, a denizen of liberal Manhattan, about the morality of tobacco and he shrugs.

    FORBES: Marlboro Man

  • One such arbitrageur is Jeremy Schoemaker, a search marketing consultant and well-known Web denizen.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Meighan, a CPA and former denizen of a big accounting firm, is a vice president at Intuit.

    FORBES: MLPs For The Tax-Savvy Investor

  • Nor is it for any denizen of the web who spends her days in front of a computer monitor.

    FORBES: Flush With Winklevoss Cash, Deal-Spotting Hukkster Goes Mobile

  • Levi Strauss launched a new global brand called dENiZEN in China on Wednesday.

    FORBES: Mickey D Serves Up Renminbi

  • But the SEC alleges this Bulletin Board denizen pumped the market with a fraudulent promotional campaign between 1999 and 2000.

    FORBES: Under The Counter

  • In 1991, he married Patti Scialfa, a denizen of the Asbury Park music scene who had joined the band as a singer.

    NEWYORKER: We Are Alive

  • And it has been done with Denizen (not to be confused with the jeans line, though I bet they would make a helluva pairing).

    FORBES: Denizen: Rum From Within

  • Seifallah Ben Hassine of the Ansar al-Sharia group, a former denizen of Ben Ali's jails, has gone into hiding after being linked to the embassy attack.

    NPR: Jihadi Peril Makes Its Way To Tunisia

  • Released just last year, Denizen is a magical blend of rums from Trinidad and Jamaica that create a full flavored rum that yes tastes like rum.

    FORBES: Denizen: Rum From Within

  • Dr Frantzis, who has just published his data in Nature, studies Cuvier's beaked whale—a denizen of the Ionian sea off Greece's west coast, among other places.

    ECONOMIST: Quiet, please. Whales navigating

  • Hilton Hotels said it was suspending the development of Denizen, a new hotel brand, following allegations (which it denies) of corporate espionage made by Starwood, a rival.

    ECONOMIST: Business this week

  • In his TV show, Mr. Sheen plays himself, a wealthy psychologically disturbed alcoholic womanizing Malibu denizen who gets by on his good looks and horribly misused talents (writing jingles).

    FORBES: Is Charlie Sheen Getting His Job Back?

  • It may be provoked by infection with Chlamydia trachomatis, a sexually transmitted denizen of the genital tract, and Ureaplasma urealyticum and Mycoplasma fermentans, two other inhabitants of the genitals.

    ECONOMIST: Bugged by disease | The

  • Yet while companies and large organizations are bound by legislation and answerable to the public when it comes to accessing sensitive data, there is one digital denizen who does so at will: the cyber criminal.

    FORBES: Don't Forget The Cyber Criminals

  • So, Denizen, defined from within, an inhabitant.

    FORBES: Denizen: Rum From Within

  • Denizen is a blend of 5 rums from Trinidad that are aged up to five years then blended with fifteen rums from Jamaica by blenders in Amsterdam, who have been blending rums since 1723 (Jamaican rums as a category tend to have more wight to them than their brothers and sisters of Puerto Rico and St Croix).

    FORBES: Denizen: Rum From Within

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