• The technique is called "deep drawing, " in which a sheet of metal is pressed around a die until it thins out and is joined perfectly.

    CNN: ASIANOW - TIME Asia | GizmoLand! | Man Beats Machine

  • Speaking at the 2011 High Performance Computing for Wall Street, Edward Epstein of IBM Research, explained that Watson was designed to work with natural language content and deep analysis drawing on all the available content.

    FORBES: Build Your Own Watson with Open Source Software

  • Mikhail Barclay de Tolly, his war minister, devised and implemented the strategy of drawing Napoleon deep inside Russia, away from his supply base, exhausting his army by defensive war and then attacking.

    ECONOMIST: Russia's war against Napoleon

  • The team was drawing on deep experience.

    FORBES: How Medco Won Antitrust Approval For A Deal Wall Street Considered Doomed

  • The player has been drawing on his deep religious belief to help him deal with the tragedy.

    BBC: Police investigate Kuffour tragedy

  • Since founding Grand Illusion Decorative Painting in 1988, Mr. Finkelstein has been collaborating with designers, responding to trends and creating new concepts by drawing on his deep knowledge of classicism.

    WSJ: An Artisan Who Can Turn Paint into Stone | Creating

  • Having studied for five years under top Chinese professors, he now co-writes learned papers on Eastern medicine in Mandarin, drawing on a deep knowledge of ancient Chinese philosophy and cosmology.

    ECONOMIST: The Greeks and the Chinese

  • Beijing's program for acquiring weapons systems reflects the change from the Maoist strategy of drawing an adversary deep into the mainland to one of projecting sea, air and missile power at sea.


  • Benedict, intent on reconnecting with and drawing strength from the church's deep traditions, revived the use of ornate vestments, such as an ermine-trimmed cape.

    WSJ: Pope Celebrates Inaugural Mass

  • Drawing on the meditative traditions of Buddhism and Taoism, combined with deep-breathing and martial-arts exercises, it may seem somewhat cranky to non-adherents, and no doubt it has attracted its share of charlatans and crooks.

    ECONOMIST: Worried in Beijing

  • They are drawing a corollary between the banking crisis that swept the nation into deep recession and the electric power industry one that simply concludes that, unless tightly monitored, big power companies would serve their own interests.

    FORBES: Is Another Enron Possible in Today's Energy Market?

  • Likewise, the recent deep discounting by GM, Ford and Chrysler brought out the same consumer emotions by drawing attention to their competitive difficulties.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

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