• The problem is that two weeks will quickly lead to four weeks and eight and so on until we reach the real deadline which is the drop dead date for a season.

    FORBES: NBA Cancels Games, The World Yawns

  • This year's fare of the living dead in cinemas and on TV has included the start of season three of The Walking Dead, films Cockneys Vs Zombies and Resident Evil: Retribution and children's animation ParaNorman.

    BBC: Everybody's shuffling: Rise of zombies in modern life

  • "We wouldn't be here today if we thought that it was dead and buried and the season was over and done with, " he told BBC Tees.

    BBC: Darlington release Steve Foster and Lee Thorpe

  • The CSL, a collection of 15 squads in cities from Shenyang to Shenzhen, went the entire 2005 season without a title sponsor, thanks to dead-end deals with Philip Morris, PepsiCo and Siemens, which rescinded its support after the first season of a multiyear deal because of on-field corruption.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Plus, if not for Michonne and her sword (maybe 2013 is fencing's year), this season of "The Walking Dead" might belong to Daryl, whose favorite zombie-slaying method is the crossbow.

    CNN: Archery takes aim at pop culture in 2012

  • Vernon Wells, who was all but left for dead in Anaheim, is having a vintage season.

    WSJ: Yankees Become Savvy Shoppers

  • "But the last thing you want to do is spoil season three of 'The Walking Dead' where you turn into a zombie and kill Andrea!"

    CNN: Dallas Roberts on the 'Walking Dead' finale

  • Despite Lemaire's return and the team's subsequent improvement, New Jersey still finished 30th in the league dead last, that is in goals last season.

    WSJ: These Devils Aren't Just About the Defense

  • Since AMC owns The Walking Dead, the network was able to sell the first season to Netflix which premiered it on streaming just before season 2 started.

    FORBES: How 'The Walking Dead' is Like 'Jersey Shore'

  • Perhaps due to her separate story-line, the writers of The Walking Dead have subjected us to nearly one half of the entire season devoted entirely to the most irritating character in the show.

    FORBES: 'The Walking Dead' Review: The Madness Of King Rick

  • Stephen Jones' kick-off epitomised the Scarlets' season thus far - off kilter as the ball ran dead, bringing a scrum on half-way at which the Wales fly-half must have been relieved to see a free kick awarded against Ulster.

    BBC: Scarlets 16-16 Ulster

  • And do you think HBO is erring in running its season premiere on the same night as the finale of The Walking Dead, or is there strength in numbers?

    FORBES: Connect

  • New York, NY - Monday, June 1, 2009 - BBC Worldwide launches BBC AMERICA HD on July 20 with the high-definition simulcast of BBC AMERICA. BBC AMERICA HD kicks off with an extraordinary week of sci-fi U.S. premieres - the return of the channel's highest rated series, Torchwood, the latest Doctor Who special, Planet of the Dead, the BBC AMERICA co-production, Being Human and the thrilling season finale of Primeval, Season 3.

    ENGADGET: BBC America HD launch July 20 brings plenty of science fiction starting with Torchwood & Dr. Who

  • But with six games left for City this season and hopes of a first English title in 44 years all but dead in the water, Mancini's own position at the club will also be under scrutiny.

    CNN: April 10, 2012 -- Updated 1100 GMT (1900 HKT)

  • Headlining the NFL dead money makers, of course, is New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, now spending the season rehabbing an injured knee after being knocked out of the season opener.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

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