• Historically, South Korean governments have tried to de-escalate military tensions triggered by North Korean aggression.

    WSJ: U.S. Moves Missile-Defense Ship Near Korea

  • The two armies agreed to "de-escalate" tensions along the LoC after a meeting of their chiefs of operations.

    BBC: India and Pakistan resume cross-border trade in Kashmir

  • Both sides denied provoking the violence and eventually they agreed to de-escalate tensions.

    BBC: Pakistan's Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf

  • "We want to give people tools that can de-escalate situations but also say, 'You need to be yourself, '" Stapel said.

    WSJ: Thousands march in NY to protest gay man's killing

  • Although both sides denied provoking the clashes along the border, eventually both India and Pakistan agreed to de-escalate tensions on 16 January.

    BBC: Kashmir border: India kills Pakistani soldier

  • Hina Rabbani Khar's remarks came hours after the two armies agreed to "de-escalate" tensions after a meeting of their chiefs of operations.

    BBC: Kashmir crisis: Pakistan offers India talks

  • The two armies have agreed to "de-escalate" tensions along the Line of Control (LoC) after a meeting of their chiefs of operations.

    BBC: Salman Khurshid: India 'not to rush' into Kashmir talks

  • Ultimately, the onus is on Hamas here to de-escalate and to stop these rocket attacks so that peace can prevail in the region.

    WHITEHOUSE: The White House

  • Its aim is to deter any threats to Turkey, to defend Turkey's population and territory and to de-escalate the crisis on NATO's southeastern border.


  • National politicians responded to Prohibition then in the same way they respond to abortion now: by looking for ways to avoid and de-escalate a destabilizing issue.

    CNN: What if abortion became a non-issue?

  • Many incidents were related to non-compliance with staff instructions and some records revealed little evidence that staff have attempted to de-escalate the situation before the use of force.

    BBC: HMP Risley use of force 'unjustified'

  • The army is now carrying out an inquiry into the incident, and both India and Pakistan seem to be trying to de-escalate the worst outbreak in tension since the 2008 Mumbai attacks.

    BBC: India 'provoked Kashmir clash after woman crossed LoC'

  • So again, our focus is on communicating with the Israelis, and also communicating with those like Turkey, Egypt, and some European countries to make it clear to Hamas that they need to de-escalate.

    WHITEHOUSE: The White House

  • Normally, I would feel horrible because I can be really aggressive, I realize that such is not good (I try to inflict pain on no one there is enough pain in the world without my adding to it), and I de-escalate.

    FORBES: The Trouble with Online Communications

  • So this kind of case can escalate, and unfortunately I don't think enough consideration is given to the human side of individuals' ego, individuals' sense of self-respect, because I think if you respected people and talked to them in a respectful way, you can de-escalate many of these situations that ultimately escalate out of control.

    NPR: Black And Blue: Police And Minorities

  • Obviously, you have situations where they can escalate out of control, but I will tell you: If you communicate and just demonstrate that you understand and have some empathy for the person and why they're there and how you happened to get there, you can de-escalate and you can prevent most of these situations from occurring.

    NPR: Black And Blue: Police And Minorities

  • These options must be considered, Ban writes, because "in spite of the best efforts of (the mission) to support the parties in the effort to de-escalate the crisis, there is not a cessation of violence, and the basic human rights whose protection is at the core of the (six-point) plan continue to be violated, " the report says.

    CNN: U.N. head outlines options for Syria mission

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