• It continues to dawdle about unlocking the value of its Asian assets, he adds.

    FORBES: Microsoft-Yahoo: Lovelier The Second Time Around?

  • Even if the authorities rustle up the money, they can ill afford to dawdle.

    ECONOMIST: The Panama canal

  • "Make no mistake about it: We're at war, and we don't have time to dawdle, " DeLay said.

    CNN: DeLay endorses action against Saddam

  • That could add up to 7m working days a year assuming they do not dawdle over breakfast instead.

    ECONOMIST: Skinned alive

  • You might dawdle out there in the world for a while, but you'll need a dwelling to protect you.

    NPR: Excerpt: 'The Garden Angel'

  • And the deal must also be approved by America's Congress, which can be expected to dawdle in an election year.

    ECONOMIST: Vietnam

  • He chuckled with Dan Warthen, the pitching coach, about a member of the staff who tends to dawdle on the mound.

    NEWYORKER: Madoff��s Curveball

  • Welcome to the era of the do-over car, in which companies jump rather than dawdle to fix the problems on their hands.

    FORBES: The Do-Over Car Trend: Can Consumers Forgive And Forget?

  • This half-serious summary of communist economics contained a kernel of truth: for Soviet workers, the freedom to pilfer and dawdle made up, to some extent, for empty shelves and wretched wages.


  • And sources tell me that his chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, has made it very clear to his former colleagues that, while they're listening to all ideas, they're not in the mood to dawdle.

    CNN: Borger: Do congressional Dems need intervention?

  • Our ten-year dawdle over North Korea's nuclear adventurism hammers home to Tehran's corrupt, totalitarian-minded thugs this inescapable conclusion: Nukes mean respect, mean security--and they grant blackmail power to shake down billions in booty from the U.S. and other Western moneybags.

    FORBES: Fact and Comment

  • The auto action seems a transparent pitch to sell high-end sports cars and inject a little momentum in a movie that's equally content to dawdle over its morning coffee, shooting the breeze with amusing (or at least semi-amusing) supporting players like Ray's deputies, ornery Mike (Luis Guzman in the Walter Brennan role), bumbling Jerry (Zach Gilford), and sexy Sarah (Jaimie Alexander).


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