• Resorts from Maine to the Dominican Republic offer the most options for entertaining big groups, with multi-bedroom accommodations to keep your crowd together.

    FORBES: Top Hotels For Getting Away With A Group

  • Pushed back, the crowd shifted toward another bridge together.

    WSJ: A Long March to Seize the Heart of Cairo

  • Again, I appreciate your frustration with the wild west nature of crowdfunding but right now the rules are being crafted, the lessons are being learned, and we, as a crowd, are doing this together.

    FORBES: 5 Great Tips from Kickstarter: Boost Tomorrow's Business

  • But this time the FDA put together a particularly tough crowd of more than 30 doctors, who are trying to figure out why it took so long to turn up dangerous heart side effects for Merck's (nyse: MRK - news - people ) Vioxx--and whether Pfizer's (nyse: PFE - news - people ) similar drugs, Celebrex and Bextra, should stay on the market.

    FORBES: Pfizer And Merck Face The Jury

  • For a crowd like that, Gates and Jobs together was an iconic moment, and they earned a standing ovation when Jobs quoted the Beatles to Gates: You and I have memories longer than the road that stretches out ahead.

    FORBES: Bill & Steve: Best Friends Forever

  • But by putting together an ambitious product for the crowd funding site and timing that to coincide with an update of your more stable product, you get the best of both worlds as a creator.

    CNN: Light-up wheels turn your bike into a 'Tron Cycle'

  • Here, about 30, 000 families (no one knows for sure how many) crowd into a warren of hastily thrown-together shacks on the fringes of Ghana's capital: there is no power, sewerage or running water, diarrhoea and other diseases are rife and deadly fires rapidly take hold.

    ECONOMIST: Africa's population

  • So now, we'll integrate those two together, and they have their own crowd control software for security applications.

    FORBES: Intelligent Investing Transcript

  • It still seemed as if we would make our way out of that crowd, as if in just a moment we would be together.

    NEWYORKER: Amundsen

  • When we put it together last March, we found sources of wealth for the old crowd are mostly 180 degrees from those of the young turks on the list.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Crowd-funding, like crowd-sourcing, is the art of drawing a large group of people together to contribute to a common goal, in this case to raise money for a work of fiction or non-fiction.

    FORBES: Want to write a book? Crowd-fund it!

  • The army left him with a military bearing that, together with an impeccable dress sense, sets him off from the developer crowd.

    FORBES: Pay Dirt

  • "We will get the perpetrators of the aggression and we'll show that we're together and that we're whole, " the Virginia Democrat told the crowd.

    CNN: Thousands show support at Pentagon Unity Walk

  • You may have a crowd, but all of them are competing against each other for the winning idea versus working together to come up with something bigger than any of them could on their own.

    FORBES: When Considering Crowdsourcing Consider The Source

  • In my view, there is an obvious opportunity here for a win-win situation by bringing together the best of Boomers with the high energy and crazy determination of the under-35 crowd.

    FORBES: Boomers Lead and Drive the New Wave of Entrepreneurs

  • " Harlem congressman Charles Rangel, in a thinly veiled rehashing of his Gore endorsement, told the crowd: "We have to make sure that when it's all over we can stand together and win the big one.

    CNN: Advantage to Gore in showdown at the Apollo

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