• It improves water retention, crop yield, nutrient value, taste, color, texture and disease resistance.

    FORBES: Potty For Potash, Saskatchewan Not Seduced By BHP Now��

  • Those in favour of the technology argue that it can increase crop yield and avoid the need for pesticides.

    BBC: Owen Paterson backs UK-grown genetically modified food

  • The larger and more important issue is whether this year's bad crop yield is an omen of what we should expect going forward.

    CNN: Extreme heat and droughts -- a recipe for world food woes

  • He was universally acclaimed through most of his career, but in the latter years the left turned against him because he was willing to use fertilizer and pesticides to increase crop yield.

    FORBES: No Blockheads At The Aggie Vet School

  • Orion Genomics hopes to start pulling in revenues next year from its proprietary method of sequencing, mapping and cloning agricultural genes--technology that can be used to improve crop yield, develop pest resistance or help plants survive drought, flooding and cold.

    FORBES: Yes, there is a pulse

  • The federal government announces an opium policy every year which sets out the terms and conditions subject to which licenses for the cultivation are given out to individual growers, the areas where cultivation will be allowed, the prices at which the crop will be purchased by the government and the minimum qualifying yield for a license in the next crop year.

    BBC: NEWS | South Asia | Rajasthan farmers face opium ban

  • The MDA EarthSat crop tour estimated a corn yield of a 118 bushels per acre after surveying 49 fields in Iowa, Illinois, Indiana and Ohio.

    MSN: Drought slashes Midwest corn crop

  • Crop production is consistently setting records for overall yield and yield per acre.

    FORBES: Global Warmists Allergic To The Truth During Pollen Season

  • "Given that global and U.S. grain inventories remain very tight, grain prices will continue to reflect growing conditions and yield potential for both U.S. and global crop production, " Agrium said, citing a June report from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, which anticipates global grain and oilseed stockpiles to scrape 35-year lows through 2009.

    FORBES: Agrium Cropping Up A Strong Year

  • "If we got three-quarters of the area planted, and the same yield as last year, we could be looking at a crop of only 11m tonnes of wheat when we actually need 14.5m tonnes of wheat for our own domestic use here in the UK, " he said.

    BBC: Britain 'running out of wheat' owing to bad weather

  • On yields pest resistant corn showed big differences in yield advantage - five times higher in the Prairie states than in the main crop-growing states.

    BBC: News | Sci/Tech | US farmers fear GM crop fallout

  • If you are looking for yield and a cheap multiple within the chemical patch, DuPont is the cream of the crop.

    FORBES: Yields Trigger Chemical Stock Reaction

  • Like the pork and beef industries, in the early spring of 2012, the chicken industry believed this summer would yield a bumper corn harvest, and so it upped production levels to utilize this large crop.

    FORBES: Chicken

  • They impose draconian penalties on suppliers for failing to deliver agreed quantities of fresh fruits and vegetables during the year, which force farmers to grow a much bigger crop than they need as a form of insurance against poor weather and other factors that may reduce their yield.

    ECONOMIST: The conflict in Honduras

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