• According to a Credit Suisse research note, Vodafone is the frontrunner to carry sole rights to the iPhone in Europe due to their coverage in most European markets.

    ENGADGET: Credit Suisse: Vodafone likely to carry (3G?) iPhone in Europe

  • As analysts at Credit Suisse also note, there is a scarcity of pure play antibody companies, and Regeneron is now the largest biotech player focused almost exclusivity in this field.

    FORBES: The Logic Of Biologics - Is Regeneron The Next Genentech?

  • General Kriangsak also deserves a note of credit.

    ECONOMIST: Kriangsak Chomanan

  • Despite wider credit spreads relative to Treasuries, we note the relatively low interest rates in most credit markets.

    FORBES: Malpass: Slowdown, Not Recession

  • In a note this morning Credit Suisse analyst Kim Fustier downgraded Total to underperform.

    FORBES: Credit Suisse Downgrades France's Total On Lackluster Cash Flow

  • Investors in any of the largest credit card issuers must take note as the proposed reforms will impact their stocks.

    FORBES: Credit Card Bill: Consumers Still Get It In The End

  • "The company believes that the allegations contained in the complaint are without merit and intends to vigorously defend this action, " Realogy said in the filing, adding that it believes the incurrence of the new loans are allowed under the senior toggle note contract and credit agreements.

    FORBES: Market Scan

  • On one three-year property-backed note sold by Nippon Credit Bank, for example, 80% of the income goes to taxes.

    ECONOMIST: Japanese property

  • In a note this week, Credit Suisse analysts broached the idea.

    FORBES: Drilling Down Into BP's Dicey Dividend

  • In a note to investors, Credit Suisse analyst William Drewrey said that a significant impediment to a sale is the Scripps Family Trust, which controls a majority of the company's voting shares.

    FORBES: Get Your Cheap Newspapers Here

  • The spike in delinquencies are coming off historically good credit quality in 2004, they note, and the levels of delinquencies aren't terribly higher than they were in the last subprime lending crisis of 1999 to 2000.

    FORBES: Overblown Fears In Subprime Land?

  • Thomas McCrohan, an analyst with financial-services firm Janney Montgomery Scott, said in a research note on Wednesday the credit-card companies plan to increase the fees which ultimately are paid to banks, not MasterCard or Visa to 23 cents per transaction.

    WSJ: MasterCard, Visa Seen Raising Fees

  • Note: The RushPath to Credit program that was established in 2003 has been discontinued.

    FORBES: The Enlightenment Of Russell Simmons

  • Structured products sound appealing at first , but they are inextricably tied to the credit risk of the bank issuing the note.

    FORBES: Rethinking Long-Only Equity

  • "Merck does not have a pipeline significant enough to offset these losses, " wrote Catherine Arnold, an analyst at Credit Suisse First Boston, in a note to investors.

    FORBES: Why Merck's CEO Should Keep His Job

  • But that strategy can run into problems: Catherine Arnold at Credit Suisse First Boston wrote in a note to investors this morning that there is a good chance Plavix will run into problems with the Federal Trade Commission.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • In a research note to clients Monday, Credit Suisse First Boston noted that Delphi's bankruptcy, unlike past filings of most suppliers, wasn't spurred by a cyclical cash crunch that prevented the company from investing in new product launches.

    FORBES: U.S. Automakers May Be Saved By Bankruptcy Filings

  • "We expect Dell to deliver a more cohesive strategy in driving re-acceleration in revenue growth, both organically and inorganically, and to provide a detailed restructuring game plan, " wrote Credit Suisse analyst Robert Semple in a note to investors Tuesday.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Predictably, the nuclear disaster in Japan caused the ELEMENTS Credit Suisse Global Warming Index Exchange-Traded Note ( GWO) to surge.

    FORBES: Global ETFs Surge Despite Issues in Japan, Libya and Europe

  • Gimmie Credit analyst Dave Novosel wrote in a Friday note that while pension adjustments and smartphone user growth will hit upcoming telecom earnings, they could pave the way for gains in coming quarters.

    FORBES: Dividend Bubble A 'Double Edged Sword' For Telcos

  • "With iPod price cuts, Apple is choosing revenue over unit cannibalization, " Credit Suisse analyst Bill Shope wrote in a research note Monday.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • In her note to investors, Catherine Arnold of Credit Suisse speculates that Democrats in the house could favor "more draconian" measures than the Enzi-Kennedy bill.

    FORBES: Six Ways Congress Could Hurt Big Pharma

  • In another note to investors, Catherine Arnold of Credit Suisse First Boston wrote that most investors expected Merck to win both cases because both men were at risk for heart attack without Vioxx.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • In a note to investors, Catherine Arnold at Credit Suisse First Boston estimated that 25% to 35% of Vytorin and Zetia use is in patients who haven't been given other cholesterol drugs first.

    FORBES: The Vytorin Consensus

  • With the tabs from their springtime spending coming due, consumers are also under pressure from a stagnant labor market, the likelihood of tax hikes and a scarcity of credit, writes Citigroup analyst Deborah Weinswig in a note Tuesday.

    FORBES: Consumers' Spring Spending To Wither In Summer Heat

  • "It is hard to escape the conclusion that Citi is going to consume all of the TARP money and then some as the credit cycle troughs, " Whalen said in a research note Tuesday.

    FORBES: The Big Banks

  • On a side note, keep in mind that MF Global had credit facilities in place with JPMorgan.

    FORBES: Why MF Global Really Went Bankrupt

  • The approach may be less welcome to investors, however, wrote Credit Suisse analyst Jonathan Chaplin in a Dec. 1 research note.

    FORBES: What 4G Costs On Clearwire, Sprint And Verizon

  • What is interesting to note is the interdependence of financial institutions of varying credit quality and the importance that investors understand which entity actually controls the distribution of their capital.

    FORBES: Portfolio Impact: Clearing Firms Downgraded to AA+

  • "In the mining sector, the recent sharp decline in commodity prices has caused profits to deteriorate significantly, such that miners are now spending more in capital expenditure than they are earning, " Credit Suisse analysts Damien Boey and Atul Lele said in a note.

    BBC: Fortescue mine in Australia

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