• Credit creation by the federal mortgage agencies has been accused of inflating a credit bubble.

    ECONOMIST: Fannie, Freddie and Uncle Sam

  • There is no magic bullet available to the FPC to simultaneously strengthen banks and increase credit creation.

    BBC: Who can boss the banks?

  • That means lower growth as tapped out consumers stop taking on more debt and credit creation slows.

    FORBES: No Credit Bubble In Brazil As Credit "Hits Brick Wall"

  • Dines says that the excess credit creation could even ignite "hyperinflation" that will eventually destroy the currency.

    FORBES: Gurus Still Going For Gold

  • But that is arguably a worry in itself: turbocharged credit creation rarely, if ever, comes without a cost.

    ECONOMIST: Chinese banks

  • And low rates will also boost credit creation in those developing countries that import American monetary policy via managed exchange rates.

    ECONOMIST: Emerging markets may be the next bubble

  • Much credit creation now happens off balance sheets, whether through so-called wealth-management products at banks or special funds set up by local governments.

    WSJ: Review & Outlook: China's Fiddled Figures

  • They can do this, Mr Cooper argues, by preventing excessive credit creation (which he defines as credit growth far ahead of economic growth).

    ECONOMIST: A must-read on the origins of the crisis

  • Home price stability is a necessary condition to trigger credit creation.

    FORBES: It Was 79 Years Ago Today

  • Bubbles, as described by Charles Kindleberger, a financial historian, usually involve an initial displacement, followed by rapid credit creation and then a phase of euphoria.

    ECONOMIST: Emerging markets may be the next bubble

  • The FPC might yet conclude that the underlying cause of inadequate credit creation is that banks have barely enough capital to support potential losses on their current portfolios of loans.

    BBC: Can banks be forced to lend more?

  • By producing goods more cheaply and so helping to hold down inflation and interest rates in rich economies, China may have indirectly encouraged excessive credit creation and asset-price bubbles there.

    ECONOMIST: The dragon and the eagle | The

  • "This would put internal credit creation back under the control of the state, " they say, even if it only took the form of SME lending targets, credit easing and some infrastructure programmes.

    BBC: Thinking outside the 1930s box

  • While today's level of debt is probably sustainable, CLSA, Fitch and others worry that China may eventually face a debt crisis of some sort, since the rate of credit creation now far outpaces the rate of economic growth.

    WSJ: Review & Outlook: China's Fiddled Figures

  • In this market, however, the chancellor is signalling that the unwillingness of banks to provide new loans - as demonstrated by the shrinkage of credit creation, even with the benefit of subsidised funding from the Bank of England through the Funding for Lending Scheme - is merited.

    BBC: Should the Treasury take housing risk?

  • It's in effect a demand for the new macro-prudential regulator being created by the Treasury which will sit within the Bank of England - the Financial Policy Committee, of which Lord Turner is a member - to have important and unprecedented new powers to determine credit creation by banks and to determine the distribution of credit.

    BBC: Bank lending 'should be controlled'

  • The expansion of their balance sheets in the past two years represents massive credit-creation.

    ECONOMIST: Homesick blues

  • The credit for the creation of Medicaid belongs to brian027, as much as it does to any one, and in this regard everyone deserved high marks, at least up untill now.

    FORBES: Bi-Partisan Entitlement Reduction Efforts Focusing On Deep Cuts To Medicaid

  • Economists trained in the Austrian framework recognised early on that the recent boom was induced by rampant credit and money creation rather than sustainable economic growth, and correctly predicted the inevitable bust.

    ECONOMIST: Economic reasoning

  • Other people prefer a job-creation tax credit, designed to reward firms for creating new jobs.

    ECONOMIST: The jobs summit

  • Loading banks with equity slows the creation of credit, but the reward for a healthy financial system is faster growth over the long term.

    ECONOMIST: The banking industry: Three trillion dollars later... | The

  • If short-term interest rates (primarily the target Fed-Funds rate) are close to zero the impact of more bank credit and more money creation through open market purchases remains.

    FORBES: 'Quantitative Easing' Is A Toxic Phrase for a Routine Policy

  • Lightly regulated and nearly opaque, hedge funds played a central role in the creation of credit-default swaps and other financial exotica that led to the economic collapse of 2008.

    NEWYORKER: A Dirty Business

  • Another fear around a lack of job creation is credit quality: Fewer jobs could mean more delinquencies, and banks with more risk around credit are down more than those whose shareholders simply fear a hit to revenue.

    WSJ: U.S. Stocks See Broad Selloff

  • And there could be a multiplier in respect of the creation of credit - because when banks lend via this form of so-called asset-backed finance, they are allowed by the capital-adequacy rules to allocate half as much of their precious capital resources as when providing overdraft loans.

    BBC: How business can bypass banks

  • According to this theory it is the artificial lowering of interest rates and creation of excess credit by a central bank's monetary policy that causes investors to erroneously believe that economic conditions are better than they actually are, leading to an abundance of overconfidence.

    ECONOMIST: Thailand and the Rohingya

  • Fifth, they cannot be seen as taking a biased approach to sovereign debt risks, a hard stance on Europe (downgrading the one country after another) and a soft on the US. Already, a number of European countries are pushing for the creation of European credit agencies that would threaten the credit agency oligopoly.

    FORBES: Why Investors shouldn't ignore Credit Agency Warnings

  • Even before the housing and credit bubbles burst, the past several decades saw a number of tectonic shifts that affected retail banking, such as the explosion of credit-card use, the creation of electronic banking, and the decline of paper checks.

    FORBES: A Survival Guide for Retail Banking

  • Credit this change of heart to jobs creation, growth abroad, business outlays and that unstoppable economic force--the American shopper.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

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