• From Etsy to Kickstarter, you can can see the growth of high quality, small batch creation of beautiful design-centric goods.

    FORBES: Can MakersRow.com Bring Manufacturing Back to America?

  • This four-storey hotel has 29 rooms and each individually themed floor is the creation of local leading design and architect firms.

    BBC: A new breed of boutique hotels in Singapore

  • "I'd like to ask, please, to anyone who is in charge of the economy, politics, society to all men and women of good will let's be custodians of creation and of the design of God inscribed in nature custodian of others and of the environment, " the pope said.

    WSJ: Pope Celebrates Inaugural Mass

  • The Louisiana Science Education Act (LSEA), the brainchild of the LFF, with the support of the notorious Discovery Institute, and signed into law by Governor Bobby Jindal in 2008, effectively allows creationists in towns and districts to introduce creation science and intelligent design theory (ID) into the public school science classes under the guise of academic freedom.

    FORBES: Creeping Creationism in Louisiana Public Schools?

  • Indeed, the Industrial Revolution itself (since 1750) entails the near-incessant introduction of new machines, factories, technologies, energies and transportation-communication systems all of which saved physical labor and made skilled labor more productive (thus better paid), and coincided with massive growth in all kinds of jobs, including in services, intellectual fields and in the invention, design and creation of new technologies.

    FORBES: Obama the Luddite: Friend to Labor Unions, Enemy of Job Creators

  • The Feast team is humble in their aspiration to build a better world, but their approach is clear and focused on solution design and enterprise creation to improve targeted issues.

    FORBES: NYC Feast to International Social Innovation Community

  • Consumers were not directly involved with the products, although almost every consumer has reaped the benefits of design, modeling and creation of products in the tangible world.

    FORBES: Autodesk's Brilliant Consumer Strategy

  • Other industry titles have also begun to embrace design changes and even content creation models that involve the playerbase in a direct fashion.

    FORBES: Firefall and Red 5 Studios At PAX East 2013

  • It culminates in the creation of a set of data-driven design criteria that will guide our idea generating processes.

    FORBES: How To Innovate - Without A Miracle

  • S., like web design, voice acting and content creation.

    FORBES: Outsourcing Fuels Ukraine's IT Boom

  • Conceptualize, design and formulate programmes that contribute to the creation of inclusive learning environments responsive to diverse learning needs, particularly for a disadvantaged and marginalized population in the Arab region, especially children with special needs, street and poor working children, refugees, drop-outs etc.

    UNESCO: Main Menu

  • It has also improved understanding in how to design local cultural policies and infrastructure that enable the creation, production and distribution of creative works.

    UNESCO: International Fund for Cultural Diversity

  • He sees the beauty in the simplicity of his creation, but the part of him that also obsesses over classic car design desperately yearns to create something truly iconic.

    ENGADGET: Engineering a better bicycle with DBC City Bike Design Alt

  • Finally, as more of the economy moves towards higher-quality products that are personalized, we also expect to see the emergence of new services that are social by design to address the large worldwide problems we face in job creation, education and health care.

    FORBES: Facebook Finally Files for $5 Billion IPO

  • Lots of need to move innovations through design, product development, marketing, derivative designs, prototype production, design for manufacturing, short-run specialty items and even prolific variation creation.

    FORBES: Innovation Ain't So Easy Mr. President - Think Google, Not GE

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