• The clip has been submitted as evidence of Ryan's lack of self-control, a signal of the Jets' unraveling, or just Rex being Rex.

    WSJ: Jason Gay: 'Magic Khakis' Rex Ryan vs. 'Football Bieber' Tim Tebow

  • When a test train this week was parked in the same location, the control circuitry did not signal that it was there.

    CNN: Metro driver called a hero who saved lives in crash

  • The water was pumped out and drained within days, but crews could not revive banks of corroded wires and electrical contacts that held relays components that deliver signal information, control switches and keep trains properly spaced from each other.

    WSJ: NYC's old South Ferry subway station reopens

  • Campaign group Railfuture said this was being done by central control and cutting the number of signal boxes, as well as improved communications and other measures.

    BBC: Lines between London and the east needs faster trains

  • The ECB last raised its key rate to 3.75% in March and Trichet's comments after the Bank's last meeting in May that "strong vigilance" was needed to keep inflation under control, were taken as a signal that rates would go up this month.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • How can it be that UBS and others, mind you, have not gotten organized a risk control system in its computers that would signal instantly a dangerously risky trade that has to be reversed?

    FORBES: That UBS Trader Must Have Been Long Swiss Francs Leveraged

  • Rooney's strike was the signal for England to take control of the first half - and the only complaint Capello could have had was his side's failure to give the scoreline the appearance their superiority deserved.

    BBC: Switzerland 1-3 England

  • McMillan was one of nine people killed when her train, under automatic computer control, apparently failed to register a signal and avoid a collision with a train that had stopped near a curve between two stations.

    CNN: Metro driver called a hero who saved lives in crash

  • Input is just as unconventional: a Control Core turns NES-compatible gamepads into signal generators that can be used just as easily for music making as for playing.


  • Moscow, Russia (CNN) -- Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin sent a strong signal Thursday that he has full hands-on control of his country.

    CNN: Putin on retiring: 'Don't count on that'

  • The government's signal reform involves freeing schools from local-authority control, letting them set their own budgets, alter their hours and change how they teach.

    ECONOMIST: Two years of the coalition

  • Such a thing is possible because, unlike 2G and 3G, LTE depends on control instructions that occupy only a tiny fraction of the total signal -- and details of those specific frequencies have been openly published.

    ENGADGET: LTE: fast, global, silenced by a $650 radio jammer Mobile

  • The signal from the electrodes would be processed by the electronic circuitry and converted into an infrared signal, similar to that used in a TV remote control.

    BBC: Medicine over the mobile network

  • Embedded inside it is a batteryless RF switch, and the way it works is that upon the release of the spring mechanism inside, a tiny bit of power is generated for the 2.4GHz RF transmission ( ZigBee compatible), and whatever device is connected to the RF control outlet on the other end will receive the on or off signal.

    ENGADGET: Mitsumi exhibits micro-vibration power generator and batteryless RF switch (video)

  • "This could be a calculated move on Assange's part -- that he's trying to send a signal that says, 'I'm still in control even though I'm in the embassy, '" said Jared Genser, a noted international human rights attorney who has extensive experience in asylum cases and recently helped win freedom for Burmese Nobel Peace Laureate Aung San Suu Kyi.

    CNN: 'Syria File' unlikely to affect Assange embassy standoff

  • "The reserve ratio rise is a signal that the central bank is still in liquidity tightening mode and is very keen to control loan growth, " said a trader at a European bank in Shanghai.


  • Second, by expressing the United States' unyielding refusal to "reward" any Yugoslav republics that might unilaterally declare their sovereignty -- while emphasizing the importance of preserving Yugoslavia's "territorial integrity" -- the West sent another powerful, if subliminal, signal to Belgrade: The central, Serbian-dominated authorities there were encouraged to maintain control throughout the country, no matter what the cost.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Center For Security Policy

  • Finally, a voice over the speaker announced that the team received its expected signal, and the news was greeted with a round of applause from the operators in mission control.

    NPR: NASA Probe Glimpses Unseen Side of Mercury

  • But the central point about both taps and transistors is that they allow a small signal the twist of a hand or the increase of a voltage to control a much larger one the rush of water or of electrical current.

    ECONOMIST: The middle age of the transistor

  • It would also be free of government control, and the businesses that build it would have to establish a for-profit service around receiving a signal.

    FORBES: Europe Reinvents GPS

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