• It says that any nongovernmental organization, or individual, is empowered to uphold international conservation law.

    NEWYORKER: Neptune��s Navy

  • In April, the government modified its conservation law, establishing new pollution taxes.

    FORBES: China's Power Problem

  • Steve Hinchman, staff attorney for the Conservation Law Foundation in Maine, says this would force automakers to develop cleaner versions of most cars.

    NPR: States Push Automakers on Fuel Efficiency

  • Referring to possible future changes to fish conservation law, Ms Ni Chuilin said, "it isn't just catch and release, it may involve not catching salmon at all".

    BBC: Sustainability of indigenous fish stocks

  • This Congress did it all in one bill, and also enacted other big measures, such as an expansion of children's health insurance and a broad land-conservation law.

    ECONOMIST: America's democracy

  • The Interior Department rushed to complete the rules in three months over the objections of lawmakers and environmentalists who argued that they would weaken how a landmark conservation law is applied.

    CNN: Bush set to relax endangered species rules

  • The law of conservation of energy means that solar heat which warms the earth has to go somewhere.

    ECONOMIST: The hole story of global warming

  • Steve Galster's comment about "studying the world to death" certainly communicated this concern, the future of conservation in many cases should focus on law enforcement, local initiatives and strong action, and conservation funding should reflect this direction.

    BBC: [an error occurred while processing this directive]

  • The law of the conservation of energy, so significant in science and philosophy, was formulated four times independently in 1847, by Joule, Thomson, Colding and Helmholz.

    NEWYORKER: In the Air

  • It involves, notably, enforcing the law (in particular laws concerning nature conservation and the mining code), making sites secure, reinforcing the operational capacity of the Congolese Wildlife Authority, reducing commercial poaching, stopping the illicit exploitation of natural resources and strengthening the efforts of peaceful evacuation of illegal occupants of protected areas.


  • The hero, one Albert Markovski (Jason Schwartzman), is the head of an open-spaces conservation group, and he makes a deal with a rising young executive (Jude Law) at Huckabees, a superstore chain, to preserve some woods.

    NEWYORKER: I [Heart] Huckabees

  • In Australia, the great white is protected by both domestic and international law, having been cited as "vulnerable" by the International Union for Conservation of Nature in 1996.

    CNN: Even after attacks on humans, sharks should be protected

  • "For the 35 years since I founded the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, I have strived to act non-violently and within the boundaries of the law, " Watson said.


  • Conservation easements have been a powerful tool to protect land from development, and conservationists are lauding the new tax law for extending enhanced federal tax breaks for donating land development rights through 2013 (and retroactively back to Jan. 1, 2012).

    FORBES: Good And Bad News For Conservationists In New Tax Law

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