• In addition to serving on the boards of several international and national think tanks and journals, Dr. Pham has testified before the U.S. Congress and conducted briefings or consulted for both Congressional and Executive agencies.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: A stimulus for African security

  • European governments, U.S. rating agencies, and Congressional votes all seem to cause major market swings.

    FORBES: Regaining Control in a Crazy Market

  • And they're concerned that Pentagon activities could escape the strict congressional oversight required when intelligence agencies carry out such operations.

    NPR: Gates Likely to Get Senate Nod, With Bruising

  • The agencies were responding to a congressional request to assess the possible impact of global warming.

    NPR: U.S. Report Links Climate Change to Security

  • Backgrounds of political intelligence agents range from former congressional staffers to officials from powerful federal agencies, like the Federal Reserve and Treasury Department.

    FORBES: Wall Street, Political Insiders Quake In Their Guccis About Coming Expose

  • President-elect BARACK OBAMA: We have been asleep at the switch, not just some of the regulatory agencies, but some of the congressional committees that might have been taking a look at this stuff.

    NPR: Obama Names SEC Pick

  • Ben Critchley, a sales trader at IG Index, said investors would be keeping a close watch on the Congressional testimony of senior staff members of credit rating agencies in Washington on Wednesday.

    FORBES: Stocks Tumble Amid Stalemate In Washington On Debt Ceiling

  • His practice includes counseling corporations on compliance, securities, regulatory, and criminal law issues, as well as representation of corporations and individuals before grand juries, in congressional hearings, in court proceedings, and before federal agencies.

    WHITEHOUSE: The White House

  • For example, while some count 159 new agencies, boards and commissions in ObamaCare, the Congressional Research Service claims it's impossible to know how many because the legislative language is so vague.


  • At the same time Congress surrendered and the courts pried away congressional prerogatives and delegated both congressional and presidential power to an alphabet soup of independent executive agencies, which empowered unaccountable bureaucrats at the expense of both the Congress and the president.

    FORBES: The Tea Party, and Lessons Learned From the Debt Debacle, Part II

  • In order to strengthen the information base for Congressional consideration and to facilitate input from key stakeholders, the participating agencies, led by the Advanced Manufacturing National Program Office, will hold a series of workshops across the country and issue a separate RFI in April.

    WHITEHOUSE: Delivering on Manufacturing Innovation

  • After all, the American mortgage market is one of the most regulated parts of finance anywhere: dominated by two government sponsored agencies, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and guided by congressional schemes to increase home-ownership.

    ECONOMIST: The world economy

  • Congress certainly has over-delegated power to agencies (In that sense, REINS is really a form of Congressional reform rather than executive reform).

    FORBES: Without REINS It Pours: A Christmas Wish For Sane Government

  • Prodded in part by a congressional oversight committee and consumer advocates, the IRS began investigating dozens of credit counseling agencies — most holding non-profit status — two years ago.

    NPR: Credit-Counseling Firms Lose Tax-Exempt Status

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