• If yes, they needn't worry about the cancellation of the Computer Assisted Passenger Prescreening System (known as Capps II).

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Balancing security and privacy during wartime

  • One of the reasons for the backlog on crimes such as computer assisted extortion, fraud and impersonation is that the police have been preoccupied with the major paedophile investigation dubbed Operation Ore.

    BBC: NEWS | Technology | Police 'need more e-crime skills'

  • Tech Coast founder Villalobos is a mathematician by training and started a computer-assisted design software company.

    FORBES: Where Angels Dare to Tread

  • Proven experience of computer-assisted translation and terminology (CATT) tools and language technologies management in a multilingual environment.

    UNESCO: Vacancy : Chief of Unit (14/3/2011) (ADM 296 - (P4))

  • This computer-assisted journalism is a little extreme, but it surely works from a business point of view.

    FORBES: This Pure-Player is Profitable and Its Editor-in-Chief is a Robot

  • For those who insist on computer-assisted exposure, he recommends Rydex's Managed Futures Fund.

    FORBES: Money & Investing

  • Researchers analyzed data from computer-assisted telephone interviews with military children from 11 to 17 years old and nondeployed caregivers.

    CNN: Study: Military teens have more stress

  • He switched from factory automation to computer-assisted surgery in the late 1980s.

    FORBES: Robo-docs

  • The animation, computer-assisted in some of the more elaborate sequences, is sometimes impressive, but rarely impressive enough to overcome a certain impersonality a stubborn mechanical coldness.

    NEWYORKER: The Lion King

  • Right now the FAA and airlines rely on random screening and computer-assisted passenger screening to decide which bags should be screened, based on a profile of suspicious behavior.

    CNN: Congress mulls tightened security for checked baggage

  • They used a performing computer-assisted test for speed and accuracy.

    UNESCO: WEF ( Grassroots stories > Haiti

  • Over the years, both Honeywell and Airbus separately developed onboard, computer-assisted systems to try to ensure that pilots taxi planes only on assigned routes and use correct runways for takeoffs and landings.

    WSJ: Honeywell Tests Autopilots for the Tarmac

  • Wadhwani, born in India 52 years ago and schooled in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, had founded a software firm (since sold to ABB of Switzerland) and was chief executive of Cimflex Technology (computer-assisted manufacturing) before founding Aspect in Mountain View, California, in 1991.

    FORBES: Chain gang

  • "We face a very real risk of seeing the democratically accountable policing of computer-assisted crime replaced by a combination of vigilante action and the covert privatisation of legitimate investigation, " said Philip Virgo, Secretary General of EURIM, the all-party e-commerce lobby group which commissioned the study.

    BBC: NEWS | Technology | Police 'need more e-crime skills'

  • Even operations like The Times (which still has, I think, the largest news department of any newspaper in the United States, and whip-smart computer-assisted reporting and investigative units) will face a shortage of human editors to dumpster-dive through all the uploads, looking for good stuff and verifying it.

    FORBES: The Times Plans an 'EZ Pass Lane for Leakers'

  • Both models will also apparently come packed with features, include driver and passenger side airbags, interior and exterior LED lighting, a "solar assisted" climate control system, and an "advanced drive computer" that includes GPS, a rear-view camera, and a complete vehicle diagnostic system.

    ENGADGET: Aptera's 300 MPG car available for pre-order

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