• Tech Coast founder Villalobos is a mathematician by training and started a computer-assisted design software company.

    FORBES: Where Angels Dare to Tread

  • Proven experience of computer-assisted translation and terminology (CATT) tools and language technologies management in a multilingual environment.

    UNESCO: Vacancy : Chief of Unit (14/3/2011) (ADM 296 - (P4))

  • This computer-assisted journalism is a little extreme, but it surely works from a business point of view.

    FORBES: This Pure-Player is Profitable and Its Editor-in-Chief is a Robot

  • For those who insist on computer-assisted exposure, he recommends Rydex's Managed Futures Fund.

    FORBES: Money & Investing

  • Researchers analyzed data from computer-assisted telephone interviews with military children from 11 to 17 years old and nondeployed caregivers.

    CNN: Study: Military teens have more stress

  • He switched from factory automation to computer-assisted surgery in the late 1980s.

    FORBES: Robo-docs

  • The animation, computer-assisted in some of the more elaborate sequences, is sometimes impressive, but rarely impressive enough to overcome a certain impersonality a stubborn mechanical coldness.

    NEWYORKER: The Lion King

  • Right now the FAA and airlines rely on random screening and computer-assisted passenger screening to decide which bags should be screened, based on a profile of suspicious behavior.

    CNN: Congress mulls tightened security for checked baggage

  • They used a performing computer-assisted test for speed and accuracy.

    UNESCO: WEF ( Grassroots stories > Haiti

  • Over the years, both Honeywell and Airbus separately developed onboard, computer-assisted systems to try to ensure that pilots taxi planes only on assigned routes and use correct runways for takeoffs and landings.

    WSJ: Honeywell Tests Autopilots for the Tarmac

  • Wadhwani, born in India 52 years ago and schooled in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, had founded a software firm (since sold to ABB of Switzerland) and was chief executive of Cimflex Technology (computer-assisted manufacturing) before founding Aspect in Mountain View, California, in 1991.

    FORBES: Chain gang

  • "We face a very real risk of seeing the democratically accountable policing of computer-assisted crime replaced by a combination of vigilante action and the covert privatisation of legitimate investigation, " said Philip Virgo, Secretary General of EURIM, the all-party e-commerce lobby group which commissioned the study.

    BBC: NEWS | Technology | Police 'need more e-crime skills'

  • Even operations like The Times (which still has, I think, the largest news department of any newspaper in the United States, and whip-smart computer-assisted reporting and investigative units) will face a shortage of human editors to dumpster-dive through all the uploads, looking for good stuff and verifying it.

    FORBES: The Times Plans an 'EZ Pass Lane for Leakers'

  • Both models will also apparently come packed with features, include driver and passenger side airbags, interior and exterior LED lighting, a "solar assisted" climate control system, and an "advanced drive computer" that includes GPS, a rear-view camera, and a complete vehicle diagnostic system.

    ENGADGET: Aptera's 300 MPG car available for pre-order

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