• Complaining about government regulation is old school and only undermines business credibility.

    FORBES: Environmental Regulations: The New Frontier

  • Chinese locals have been complaining incessantly to the government about the rapid and rising cost of urban living.

    FORBES: China Real Estate Bubble (Very) Slowly Deflating

  • Los Angeles County has been complaining to the federal government about one of the key aspects of the deal for Senate conservatives, which is that immigrants will not benefit under this law, you know, who get the provisional status, those who are unauthorized now.

    NPR: Week In Politics: Immigration & Benghazi

  • Complaining of disarray among the Social Democrats and of the government's sharp U-turn over the European Union, the People's Party demanded a snap election, which will take place on September 28th.

    ECONOMIST: Austria’s government

  • Mostly, however, the government's economic policy seems to consist of complaining loudly and hoping for western help.

    ECONOMIST: Russia

  • It naturally prefers to see people united behind government policies and cross at foreigners than to have them complaining about corruption, inequality, environmental degradation and the many other problems at home.

    ECONOMIST: The nationalist genie is out of the bottle

  • The government's consumer watchdog accuses them of hoarding and speculation, complaining that they are selling under the counter to restaurants at a higher price.

    ECONOMIST: Venezuela's economy

  • While former GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney exits complaining about the gifts Obama gave to Hispanics, women, and youth, government leaders everywhere should take a more serious look at what it actually takes to engage the electorate.

    FORBES: A Puerto Rican Citizen Goes to Washington

  • Though private health plans are complaining about proposed cuts to Medicare Advantage plans, more insurance companies are still flocking to the government health program to offer more products and services to seniors.

    FORBES: Move up http://i.forbesimg.com t Move down

  • It is a contrast that does not altogether displease the prime minister, who has recently taken a leaf from Margaret Thatcher's book, complaining—as she used to, in the manner of an exasperated observer—about the government's lack of radicalism.

    ECONOMIST: Bagehot

  • For all the grumbling of homeowners wrong-footed by the market's plunge, the central government is still mindful that a large proportion of middle- and lower-income households have been complaining bitterly about the fast rise in house prices in recent years.

    ECONOMIST: China's housing market

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