• Hip replacements, now a common operation, have been available only for about 20 years.

    ECONOMIST: Waiting for Dobbo

  • An early one involved a common neck operation, where a painful disc is pulled out of the cervical spine through a tiny incision with a tool called a curette.

    FORBES: Animal Nut

  • Many argue the euro zone's survival now depends on rapid moves towards full political and fiscal union, with a single European banking supervisor, a common deposit guarantee fund and resolution fund, a central European treasury operation and common issuance of bonds a formidably high hurdle.

    WSJ: Nobel Prize for EU an Inspired Decision

  • Central America's leaders had made strides towards free trade, regional co-operation and common institutions.

    ECONOMIST: Central America��s border order

  • Moreover, in order to be successful and long-lasting, water co-operation needs a common understanding of what the needs and challenges are around water.

    UNESCO: Detailview | United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

  • The two men stressed co-operation, consensus, common ground.

    ECONOMIST: The end, at last

  • On the contrary, co-operation grew, as countries sought common ground to guard against future crises.

    ECONOMIST: Regional economic integration has a long, long way to go

  • Last Thursday, the European Elections Bill received the Royal Assent and, on the same day we re-affirmed and expanded 'constructive opposition' to include co-operation with the government on a Common European Foreign and Security Policy.

    BBC: Paddy Ashdown's letter of resignation

  • For him the EU is about co-operation on issues that members have in common, without submerging the diversity that members cherish so much.

    BBC: Europeans on Europe

  • Rather it was to draw attention to the extraordinary and improbable power of self-interest: this stunted, inward-looking trait is transformed, through spontaneous social co-operation, into a force for the common good.

    ECONOMIST: The benevolence of self-interest | The

  • Joint operation of energy markets between different countries is common throughout Europe and is becoming increasingly important as the markets integrate at a European level.

    BBC: Scotland politics

  • Co-operation of a sort among different animal species is also quite common, though not very surprising, since members of different species are not generally competing with each other for food, still less for sexual partners.

    ECONOMIST: Economics focus

  • The council and six cross-border bodies are aimed at promoting co-operation between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland on areas of common concern.

    BBC: Minister attends 'banned' meeting

  • It got its budget rebate, stayed out of the Schengen free-travel area, opted out of the euro, stayed half-out of co-operation on judicial and police affairs and is blocking attempts to create stronger common defence and foreign policies.

    ECONOMIST: Charlemagne

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