• Many new rules and laws have come into existence to assuage fears about paedophiles, terrorists or hooligans.

    ECONOMIST: Bagehot

  • However, there are two ways that the ECB could allow such a lender of last resort to come into existence.

    FORBES: ECB : We'll Do What It Takes. Kinda. Sorta. Later.

  • Make no mistake, if Israel had never come into existence, the Middle East would still be an extremely unstable, divided, balkanized region.


  • What genetic change allowed multicellular animals to come into existence remains obscure.

    ECONOMIST: How to become multicellular

  • If matter and antimatter were truly symmetrical, then they would have come into existence in equal amounts during the Big Bang and thus annihilated each other.

    ECONOMIST: The 2008 Nobel science prizes

  • Dr Penrose's version of events is that the universe did not come into existence at the Big Bang but instead passes through a continuous cycle of aeons.

    ECONOMIST: Cosmology

  • Once 60 countries have ratified the necessary legislation (Croatia became the 32nd country to do so, on May 21st), the court will come into existence, possibly within two years.

    ECONOMIST: Judging genocide

  • The number of bitcoin files in existence is limited, and while new bitcoins come into existence every day, the rate of expansion in the bitcoin supply is known to all users.

    FORBES: How to Purchase Guns and Drugs Anonymously

  • Some recent research indicates that sophisticated stone tools may have come into existence about 1.8 million years ago — which is about 300, 000 years earlier than previous research has indicated.

    FORBES: The First Human Technology

  • Non-astronomers may not care much about the fine distinctions between stars and gas-giants, but understanding their origins will help explain how small, rocky planets come into existence—and how commonplace such earth-like planets are likely to be.

    ECONOMIST: Twinkle, twinkle, giant planet

  • It is disingenuous to argue against the extension of school choice through charter schools and vouchers on the grounds that such schools will not instantly come into existence or that not all areas will be equally served.

    FORBES: School Choice And The Advancement Of Society

  • We tend to lose track of companies that no longer exist and we rarely have any inkling of all those planned businesses that might have come into existence had business conditions, such as tax burdens, been better.

    FORBES: When Capital Trickles Away, Not Down

  • Whole new industries will come into existence.

    FORBES: Despite A Slow Recovery, The Future Will Eventually Be Bright

  • At the same time as banks are sacking employees in operating roles, they are adding swarms to cope with various requests from government agencies and other new filings, all to avoid violating rules that may never come into existence and temporary measures that may be rescinded.

    ECONOMIST: The Dodd-Frank act

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