• Set up a couple of training camps for terrorists, and invite one or two of the brand name groups to come sun themselves in view of U.S. spy satellites.

    FORBES: Freedom's Edge

  • Indeed, in an effort apparently designed to calm concerns, one of Boeing's airline customers - Bjorn Kjos, chief executive of Norwegian Air Shuttle - has come out in defence of the plane, echoing the view that "minor problems" such as these should be expected.

    BBC: Boeing 787 Dreamliner: The impact of safety concerns

  • The decision to postpone football matches for security purposes does not come lightly especially when opening weekend is concerned and in view of the otherwise well-run preparations for the 2012 Olympic Games.

    FORBES: Will London Street Violence Ding or Enhance the EPL Brand?

  • Now, in my view, time has come for discussions between technical aspects and, of course, we remain at our own positions, both the United States and Russian Federation.

    WHITEHOUSE: President Obama��s Bilateral Meeting with President Medvedev of Russia | The White House

  • Oddly enough, Hillary Clinton, one of the politicians who has led the criticism of the gaming industry in America, has recently come round to this view. (Perhaps someone gave her a Nintendo Wii.) Last month she emphasised the need for parents to pay more attention to game ratings and called on the industry, retailers and parents to work together.

    ECONOMIST: Video games

  • Mr Blair said people would come to a "considered view over a period of time" when it came to the action in Iraq.

    BBC: At-a-glance: Blair news conference

  • True packaging innovation is not easy to come by, especially when consumers, for hundreds of years, have been conditioned to view quality in a certain set way.

    FORBES: Constellation Transforms The Wine Market With Inside The Box Thinking

  • The miles passed surprisingly quickly, and soon I was heading past the View Tube, waving to scores of visitors who had come to see the park-in-progress, and on down into the undercroft of the athletics venue itself, where yet another broad smile spread across my face at the "Chariots of FIre" soundtrack being relayed on speakers as we circled beneath the stadium.

    CNN: Crossing the Olympic finish line

  • Under the influence of this optimistic view, U.S. foreign policy has in recent months come increasingly to be based on the tacit and largely unexamined assumption that, under Mikhail Gorbachev, the Soviet Union is on its way to becoming a more reliable bargaining partner in international negotiations and a more "normal" participant in international life.


  • He would have been ideal for the job, but the president had come to power vowing to punish those who, in his view, had gone beyond permissible bounds in the treatment of captured terrorists, including the then still-classified interrogation program administered, with Justice Department approval, by the CIA. Mr. Mudd, as he concedes in the book, had known about the program.

    WSJ: Book Review: Takedown

  • At times in our conversations, when I would criticize the decisions of record labels or phone carriers, he'd surprise me by forcefully disagreeing, explaining how the world looked from their point of view, how hard their jobs were in a time of digital disruption, and how they would come around.

    WSJ: Mossberg: The Steve Jobs I Knew

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