• Mr Kaplan's biography recounts, in a plodding and not wholly reliable fashion, the salient events of Mr Vidal's colourful life.

    ECONOMIST: American literature: Comeback kid | The

  • He could never be a Hemingway, who happily advertised his colourful life.

    ECONOMIST: William Gaddis

  • Jane long outlived Eliza, whose almost luridly colourful life ended in agonising breast cancer, but it was to Eliza's faithful servant that Jane was eventually to make almost her only bequest.

    ECONOMIST: Literary lives

  • Steinheimer believes that the decline of the studios' power, combined with Taylor's colourful personal life, created a new, more cutting, and less sycophantic style of mainstream media coverage of celebrities - moving towards today's tabloid press.

    BBC: How Elizabeth Taylor redefined celebrity

  • As you walk down to the river banks from the temple you may catch a glimpse of local life at its colourful best.

    BBC: Orchha, a living medieval town

  • In short, powerful sentences, Mr Abdolah draws a poignant and colourful picture of a humble life set against Iran's recent history: Reza Khan and the last Shah, the 1979 revolution, war with Iraq and fundamentalist terror.

    ECONOMIST: Novels from the Netherlands

  • The problem is not his taste for mid-morning whisky, his complicated personal life (Mr Johnson's is also colourful) or his enthusiasm for newts.

    ECONOMIST: The lesson of London's funny but sad mayoral election

  • "Firebrand", "egotistical", "autocratic" and "a flamboyant emblem of anti-Americanism" are just some of the labels which the UK papers attach to Hugo Chavez as they reflect on the life of one of Latin America's most colourful leaders.

    BBC: World media examine Chavez legacy

  • Divided into upper and lower segments by a large python at the centre, the ijele is constructed of colourful fabric on a skeleton of bamboo sticks and decorated with figurines and depictions of every aspect of life.

    UNESCO: Culture

  • For one of the most emblematic slices of Barranco life, take a stroll down Cajamarca street, the best place to see the full gamut of colourful houses.

    BBC: Lima��s artsy enclave

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