• But is the champagne network, long known for its silver-coiffed audience, ready for this kind of daring?

    FORBES: Kiddy Up

  • "I'll build the biggest and the best, " boasts the stylishly coiffed and nattily dressed 67-year-old.

    FORBES: The Master Builder

  • Imagine the passengers on the Titanic, well-heeled, coiffed and powdered - and that's just the men.

    NPR: A Night At The Oscars

  • The men have well-coiffed silver hair and the women dress immaculately in clothes that whisper old money.

    BBC: All roads lead to Rome

  • The big, coiffed wigs on the models added to the swing of things.

    FORBES: NY Fashion Week Day 5: 3.1 Phillip Lim, Jenny Packham, Rachel Roy And Chris Benz

  • Perfectly coiffed women talked about being on the board of this or that.

    FORBES: A Peek at Elizabeth Taylor's Bulgari Jewels

  • The coiffed Canadian crooner is Twitter's first new king or queen since Gaga dethroned Britney Spears in August 2010.

    CNN: Justin Bieber dethrones Lady Gaga on Twitter

  • The Marquise de Pompadour, impossibly coiffed and powdered, permanently poised in pastels.

    BBC: The bloom of cancer

  • The point hit home with lots of men in business suits and women who were impressed by the well-coiffed and well-spoken candidate.

    NPR: McCain, Romney Seek Paths to a N.H. Victory

  • What the ratings proved was the network's silver-coiffed following expects a certain type of show from CBS, and will go elsewhere if it isn't provided.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Meanwhile, Betty Draper (played by January Jones), always appears perfectly coiffed, while exhibiting all of the signs of unhappiness Betty Friedan unearthed in The Feminine Mystique.

    FORBES: The 'Mad Men' Fashion Effect

  • She looked good in her new body, her bright outfit, her coiffed, honey-blond hair, ready for the road trip to her refreshed home in New Orleans.

    NEWYORKER: Shauntrelle

  • Russell Crowe is warm and impressive as the town sheriff and team captain, and Burt Reynolds, coiffed like a silver fox, is amusing as the town judge and team coach.

    NEWYORKER: Mystery, Alaska

  • This is the address for fashion insiders seeking unique pieces with serious cachet, where well-coiffed grand dames drop off their unwanted pieces for sale and stylists seek out clothes for glossy magazine fashion shoots.

    BBC: Vintage fashion in Paris

  • The opera diva Bianca Castafiore, a coiffed and generously bosomed regular feature of the books, makes a guest appearance and warbles Rossini, shattering every wineglass, fish tank, and chandelier in sight which is special fun in 3-D.

    NEWYORKER: Double Dare

  • This boisterous comedy, set in the milieu of competitive figure skating, concerns two rival skaters, Chazz Michael Michaels (Will Ferrell), a macho sex bomb, and Jimmy MacElroy (a memorably coiffed Jon Heder), a shy, sensitive finesse artist.

    NEWYORKER: Blades of Glory

  • Sitting before this perfectly coiffed blond businesswoman in a sun-lit corner office in her Rio de Janeiro headquarters, it's hard to picture her hacking though bovine femurs with a surgical saw to make ornamental loops for her first bikini bottoms.

    NPR: Lenny's Rise From Garage To Brazil's Bikini Queen

  • Most enjoyable is the scene when all but one of the Republican candidates are lined up at the urinals just before one of the debates, discussing how much they all despise Mitt Romney, when in walks the supremely well-coiffed political chameleon himself.

    ECONOMIST: How Barack Obama beat the Clintons and won the White House

  • However coiffed, she looked stunning.

    ECONOMIST: Danny La Rue

  • Gallagher's follow-up, DeLuxe, in addition to being a technical tour de force of printmaking, turns advertisements many of them for products designed to make blacks look whiter (skin lighteners, hair straighteners, coiffed wigs) into grotesques, with blank zombie eyes, masked faces and Plasticine creatures that appear to be crawling out of a model's head.

    WSJ: Ellen Gallagher, the Global Art Star | WSJ. Magazine May 2013

  • Rather than discuss the real, truly life-threatening dangers faced by women and girls throughout the Islamic world, Amanpour presented her viewers with a superficial and false depiction of recent events in which a few well-dressed, perfectly coiffed, pretty young women in Egypt and two Western dressed women in Libya are supposedly transforming the position of women in their societies one tweet at a time.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Women's surprising defenders

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