• The clothing factory collapse in Bangladesh that killed hundreds spotlights the human cost of Westerners' cheap clothing.

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  • Japanese firms have to be in China, says Akira Kitaura, the Japanese manager of the clothing factory in Hefei.

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  • After graduating in 1920 Mumeo Oku worked in a clothing factory and helped to run a home for poor women.

    ECONOMIST: Mumeo Oku

  • Last week's building collapse in Bangladesh that killed hundreds of clothing factory workers put a spotlight on the sobering fact that people in poor countries often risk their lives working in unsafe factories to make the cheap T-shirts and underwear that Westerners covet.

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  • Mr. TIM WATERS (Director of Rapid Response, United Steelworkers of America) Right now we're in a clothing factory with, what I'm just guessing looking out on this one floor, hundreds and hundreds of sewing machines, and people sitting at benches with no backs on them, just bent over, sewing clothes for the U.S. market.

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  • Tanger Factory Outlet Centers, whose malls sell cheap name-brand clothing, is estimated to be up 7.2%, which is 2.7 points better than this REIT's five-year record.

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  • In 1993 he opened a 7, 000-square-foot wood shop in an old match factory, seeding it with money from the sale of a clothing business that had been in the family since 1907.

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  • An executive from a European clothing company that recently pulled out of Myanmar describes how the government took over its factory.

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  • DHAKA, Bangladesh (AP) — A fire in an 11-story garment factory in Bangladesh killed eight people, including a ruling party politician and a top official in the country's powerful clothing manufacturers' trade group, as the death toll from the collapse of another garment factory building passed 900 on Thursday.

    NPR: Bangladesh Fire Kills 8 As Collapse Toll Hits 930

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