• The FDA analysis of posted clinical trial data from May 2012 appears to contradict the BMJ study.

    FORBES: PhRMA Is Not Effective in Improving the Image of the Pharma Industry

  • Firstly, most crucially, he claims that all clinical trial data is now published, so that doctors and patients can see it.

    FORBES: The Real Scandal Is Not Acknowledging That Drugs Do Work

  • So far little clinical trial data for either drug have been published in peer-reviewed scientific journals, making it hard to evaluate the drugmakers' claims.

    FORBES: Fat City

  • WHO's new plan for standardising and strengthening the disclosure of clinical trial data seems a good start to restoring the public's faith in clinical trials.

    ECONOMIST: Pharmaceuticals

  • In late 2001, federal regulators refused to accept Imclone's (nasdaq: IMCL - news - people ) application for Erbitux, questioning its clinical trial data.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • An important fact I noted from the clinical trial data and interviews with MS patients is that Tysabri does not seem to give MS patients these same flu-like symptoms.

    FORBES: Loving Elan's Latest Comeback

  • One bit of upside to the release of the CMS documents was the way Medicare officials treated use of Provenge that goes beyond the current clinical trial data and the Food-and-Drug-Administration-approved label.

    FORBES: Provenge's Potential

  • The Murdocks promised Fakhrai that if NovaRx's clinical trial data were good, they would fund his efforts to go after a host of other cancers, including cancers of the brain and pancreas.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Last week the Guardian published a short extract from my new book about problems in the pharmaceutical industry, in which I talk at length about the problem of withheld clinical trial data.

    FORBES: The Real Scandal Is Not Acknowledging That Drugs Do Work

  • Pooled analyses of Avandia clinical trial data, she noted, pointed to more heart attacks occurring on Avandia than on either the placebo or with its main competitor, Actos, which is made by Takeda.

    FORBES: Avandia On Trial

  • There are millions of people who believe that real innovation is done outside of pharma labs, that the industry hides any negative clinical trial data, and that the industry pays off doctors to prescribe drugs.

    FORBES: An Open Letter To The PhRMA CEO On Pharma's Image

  • Because most small-molecule drugs can be manufactured with easily replicable chemical processes that lead to a largely reproducible drug formulation, the clinical trial data that supported approval of the original version can be relied upon for the generic versions.

    FORBES: Commentary

  • GlaxoSmithKline 's Avandia was the best-selling diabetes drug in the world until Steven Nissen of the Cleveland Clinic published an analysis of clinical trial data that showed a heightened risk of heart attacks, strokes and cardiovascular death for patients on the drug.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • It involves not only the release of clinical trial results but also access to patient-level trial data.

    FORBES: An Open Letter To The PhRMA CEO On Pharma's Image

  • Not the least of which is that each of these acquisitions span various industries with calculated levels of expertise including data analytics, clinical trial, human resources and even social media.

    FORBES: Why Oracle Has To Be Great Just To Be Good

  • Merck's (nyse: MRK - news - people ) decision is based on new three-year data from a clinical trial designed to test the effect of Vioxx on preventing colorectal polyps.

    FORBES: Merck Withdraws Vioxx

  • These actions are being taken following an interim review of data from the ALTITUDE clinical trial.

    FORBES: ALTITUDE Study of Aliskiren Terminated Early by Novartis

  • Bob wants to make every single bit of data collected in a clinical trial — right down to the level of the anonymized patient — public.

    FORBES: Two Ways To Fix The Drug Business

  • It will be interesting to see if online clinical-trial registries provide another way of getting data about off-label uses to doctors.

    FORBES: Silver Lining In Drug Disclosure

  • Releasing the data would jeopardize the ongoing clinical trial, but some investors may be a little worried about putting their money down sight unseen.

    FORBES: Cheers For Elan, Biogen-Idec

  • It only wants full data from an almost-complete clinical trial that Arena is performing diabetic patients.

    FORBES: Arena Pharmaceuticals Enters FDA Purgatory

  • Data from a small, midstage clinical trial with its protease inhibitor, known as vx-950 or telaprevir, were "nothing short of spectacular, " says Markowitz.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

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