• "The starter's pistol fires, and then you just hear the chop-chop-chop of people rowing as fast as they can to get to the good spots, " Yera says.

    FORBES: Forbidden Bass

  • From the Chinese: chow-main, chop-suey, stir-fry, ketchup, flophouse, kowtow and tycoon.

    FORBES: Four Easy Ways For Republicans To Attract Immigrant Voters

  • But I was still able to get a beer and a pork chop -- (applause) -- so I was pretty happy about that.

    WHITEHOUSE: The White House

  • Not only does a geriatric Kirk karate-chop him, but the Gorn only gets to grunt, while William Shatner steals all the dialogue (then again, Shatner did that to his co-stars on Star Trek).

    FORBES: What the Gorn Really Said to Captain Kirk

  • Powers was Bond to the extreme: able to knock a man unconscious with a well-placed judo chop or to kill a thug with a Swedish penis-enlarger pump.

    FORBES: 007 On The Couch

  • Imagine subjecting Shakespeare to a computational process like bioinformatics--not to chop the poor guy into DNA base pairs but to tease out 1, 000-word pieces (or strings) of his plays.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Thus what is torn to shreds is a dead fox, which has nothing more to do with cruelty than the eating of a shop-bought chop by a pet.

    ECONOMIST: Hounded

  • In addition, he often used the hand chop, palm-down, and the smooth broad gestures that signal certainty and authority.

    FORBES: Body Language Advice for Rick Perry

  • This o ld-school Italian spot on South Olive Street has a sumptuous 1920s Art Deco interior and a menu with items like lobster linguini with tomatoes and bacon-wrapped veal chop.

    FORBES: Brad Pitt Was Here: Oscar Movie Locations You Can Visit

  • The software houses then chop up orders into bite-sized pieces and feed them to thousands of subcontractors.

    ECONOMIST: Software in Japan

  • That fact alone could chop the ethanol industry down to size--if only drivers knew it.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Forming more teams in large markets would chop down the television revenue of now-dominant teams such as the New York Yankees , making it harder for them to buy the best ballplayers.

    FORBES: Play More Ball!

  • It will be done on 20 dedicated state-of-the-art Illumina and Life Technologies instruments that CHOP and BGI have installed at the new Joint Genome Center there, and BGI bioinformaticians will log in to a CHOP server to analyze the data remotely from China.

    FORBES: For Help on Path to Personalized Medicine, Philly Taps Beijing

  • Let's chop down some of the intrusive databases maintained by commercial enterprises--why does your cell phone company have to know your Social Security number?

    FORBES: Let's Get the Engineers

  • This time, he has an addition to his stable: a flying craft, with two enclosed rotors underneath, which allow it to dink around tall buildings and, presumably, to chop vegetables in the event that Alfred wants to make a pot-au-feu.

    NEWYORKER: Batman’s Bane

  • We can chop the data up into overall usage, sequential usage, multitasking, cross-platforming, whatever.

    FORBES: Connect

  • Even Baitullah Mehsud had struggled to rein in the violent excesses of Hakimullah and his cousin Qari Hussain, another TTP commander, who likes to chop up his victims with a knife and to brainwash children into becoming suicide-bombers.

    ECONOMIST: At odds with each other as well as civilisation

  • Provided you do it right, you can chop your family's gift and estate taxes using family limited partnerships and grantor-retained annuity trusts.

    FORBES: What works?

  • American said last week that by offering early boarding to passengers who are traveling light, with only a carry-on bag that fits under the seat in from of them, it can chop two minutes off the time it takes to board a narrowbody aircraft.

    FORBES: Spirit Airlines: We Board an A320 in 20 Minutes

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