• Its hearty, Italian-inspired dishes, such as char-grilled squid with borlotti beans, change on a daily basis.

    BBC: Dublin's recessionary restaurant boom

  • CO2-emitting industries could pay farmers to buy stoves to char and sequester farm waste.

    ECONOMIST: Biochar could enrich soils and cut greenhouse gases as well

  • Sunlight filtering through the broken windows illuminated more of the irregularly shaped char patterns.

    NEWYORKER: Trial by Fire

  • There were even black char marks occasionally where he melted a big lump in the corner.

    FORBES: Apple Does 1 Thing Other Companies Don't Do

  • The loaves are complex and yeasty, full of earthy flavours, a touch of tang and a distinct underpinning of char.

    BBC: Flour power in San Francisco��s sourdough

  • Let the starter of cured arctic char, served with beets, pistachios, and a kicky horseradish cream open your mind.

    NEWYORKER: The Marrow

  • The chef uses seasonal ingredients in dishes such as Arctic char with leeks and capers and hay-roasted sunchokes with black winter truffles.

    FORBES: What's New In New York City

  • Some of the most sustainable choices, according to Seafood Watch, include wild Alaskan salmon, farmed Arctic char, and U.S.-farmed shrimp and catfish.

    WSJ: Guidelines for Eating Sustainable Seafood

  • The point is, this beautiful native American char should have vanished over most of its range years ago but the spirit is indomitable.

    FORBES: Brookies Under Broadway

  • His most recent venture, Bear, champions less-fashionable cuts of meat, like Argentine-inspired rosary cut ribs and flank steaks char-grilled over an open flame.

    BBC: Dublin's recessionary restaurant boom

  • But Vasquez and Fogg observed that the fire had burned extremely low down, and that there were peculiar char patterns on the floor, shaped like puddles.

    NEWYORKER: Trial by Fire

  • Cpl O'Connor, from Havant in Hampshire, and Cpl Day, from Comber in County Down, came under fire near the village of Char Kutsa, in the Nahr-e Saraj district.

    BBC: Cpl David O'Connor, Cpl Channing Day

  • Another time it was arctic char with carrot-curry reduction sauce, coconut rice and wilted rainbow chard, eaten in a secret enclave lit by dozens of candles near the pond.

    FORBES: In Montauk, Escaping to Shape Up

  • In the southwestern corner of Texas, ranchers can earn more money by selling water to city dwellers than by raising cattle, said Char Miller, a professor of environmental analysis at Pomona College in Claremont, Calif.

    WSJ: Where's the Beef? Less of It in Texas

  • Some of the hydrogen and carbon monoxide created in the process are fed back into the reactor to keep it going, while GreatPoint recovers most of the catalyst from the char and applies it to more coal.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • The warnings are in place for the River Char at Dolphins River Caravan Park, the River Wey from Upwey to Weymouth South Winterbourne Valley, Lower Frome from Dorchester to East Stoke and from East Stoke to Wareham.

    BBC: Landslip at Lyme Regis threatens beach chalets

  • In western United States, more than 1, 000 people may flood the small town of Kanarraville, Utah -- population 300 -- to get one of the best views of Sunday's event, said Bonnie Char, spokeswoman for the Cedar City-Brian Head Tourism Bureau.

    CNN: Upcoming solar eclipse to project 'ring of fire'

  • According to Julie Major, of the International Biochar Initiative, a lobby group based in Maine, infusing savannah in Colombia with biochar made from corn stover (the waste left over when maize is harvested) caused crops there to tower over their char-less peers.

    ECONOMIST: Biochar could enrich soils and cut greenhouse gases as well

  • Whether you're ordering a char-grilled kathi roll at Khan Chacha, a beloved local institution in New Delhi since 1968, or an overstuffed lobster roll laced with lemony mayo at off-the-radar Holbrooks Lobster Wharf in Harpswell, Maine, you are sure to find happy residents -- and a few in-the-know travelers, too.

    CNN: Will travel for food: Share your favorite local eateries

  • Fortunately four to five meals per day of char kwey tiaw (fried noodles in soy sauce with egg and various additions), asam laksa (Penang's famous, indescribably good curry noodle soup), rojak (fruit and veggie salad in a sweet dark shrimp paste) and much, much more, goes down a lot easier than heavier Western foods.

    BBC: Finding a favourite hawker stall in Penang

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