• Toys "R" Us, the inventor of chain-store toy discounting, is being run ragged by Wal-Mart.

    FORBES: Breaking Up Is Good to Do

  • Dating sites have for the most part always had either a squalid or a chain-store ambience.

    NEWYORKER: Looking for Someone

  • Most of the chain-store retail sales numbers out Thursday morning were quite disappointing.

    FORBES: Skidmarks On The Shopping Bags

  • East across town, the streets and squares of the East Village offer magnificent boutique browsing, well away from the chain-store crowds of Broadway.

    BBC: Summer in the city: New York

  • Businessman Lin Chi-ming, chairman of the board of National Chain-Store, Taiwan's biggest electronic appliance retailer, is undoubtedly the most committed supporter of Back to the Classics.

    CNN: Confucius is seen as a beacon in a changing world

  • Chain-store sales in February were the highest since last September.

    FORBES: A Good Week For U.S. Markets

  • In the Depression it gave us anti-chain-store legislation.

    FORBES: Bigness and Badness

  • Indeed, Target sold both Marshall Field's, its own department-store chain, and Mervyn's, a middle-market store chain, earlier this year.

    ECONOMIST: Merger at the mall | The

  • With its selling savvy and clean balance sheet, the 181-store chain posted an impressive 12.8% same-store sales gain over the past year.

    FORBES: Not So Wholesome

  • The San Diego-based fast-food chain reported its same-store sales fell 0.1% in the second-quarter, down from a year ago increase of 6.4%.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Jere Thompson Jr. had the experience of watching his father and uncle drive the family's 7-Eleven empire -- a worldwide convenience-store chain that his grandfather started with a single Dallas icehouse in 1927 -- into Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 1990.

    FORBES: Fiber in the sagebrush

  • The romantic comedy takes on the familiar facile arguments of modern life the pros and cons of e-mail relationships, the chain store behemoth v mom-and-pop shop, the heartless capitalist v the caring children's bookshop owner against the backdrop of an idealised Manhattan, graced by copious helpings of caffelatte, literary parties, and the perkiness of Ms Ryan accompanied by an assortment of children and dogs.

    ECONOMIST: Cinema

  • The mid-priced department store chain reported another much larger-than-expected loss in the fiscal fourth quarter on a nearly 30 percent plunge in revenue in the latest sign that shoppers aren't happy with the changes it's made in the past year.

    NPR: JC Penney Posts 4th Straight Big Loss, Sales Drop

  • Same-store sales at the front-end of the drugstore chain rose 2.7%, while same-store pharmacy sales rose 1.2%.

    FORBES: Weekly Market Wrap

  • In 1946, the Tote'm convenience-store chain extended its hours from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.

    CNN: 10 ways to improve the travel industry right now

  • Just this week, Home Depot announced it would buy Tianjin-based Home Way , a 12-store chain.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • So it recruited new customers like the 7-Eleven convenience-store chain and United Parcel Service.

    FORBES: The human factor

  • But when they do deck out in Bebe it can mean brisk business for the 104-store chain.

    FORBES: Entrepreneur as stunt man

  • Dayton Hudson, an American department-store chain, discovered that 2.5% of its customers bought 75% of its goods.

    ECONOMIST: Hi ho, hi ho, down the data mine we go

  • The grocery industry also got a shock last year when Yaohan Japan, a 42- store chain, went bust.

    FORBES: Upsetting the apple cart

  • Sears plunged 14 percent after the department-store chain reported a steep quarterly loss and slumping sales after the market closed Thursday.

    NPR: Stocks Barely Budge; Market Ends Week With Loss

  • But with the growth of things like Netflix, Redbox and video on demand, the 5, 800-store chain now seems like a dinosaur.

    FORBES: A Small Glimpse Into Why Blockbuster Can Not Make It Work

  • Never pressing too hard but remaining persistent, he would talk about what a great addition Younkers' 50-store chain would be for Proffitt's.

    FORBES: Businessman with a politician's touch

  • In 1996 Donald took over floundering Pathmark, a privately held, moneylosing 143-store chain with good real estate and a crushing debt load.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • As its sales volume sinks at a sickening pace, the 63-store chain is scrambling to be everything to anyone with spare cash.

    FORBES: He Stoops to Conquer

  • In the past year since Johnson rolled out his plan, though, even once loyal customers have strayed away from the 1, 100-store chain.

    NPR: JC Penney Posts 4th Straight Big Loss, Sales Drop

  • Penney slid 3.59, or 17%, to 17.57, after the department-store chain late Wednesday reported a wider-than-expected fourth-quarter loss and revenue that fell short of expectations.

    WSJ: Stocks Finish in the Red

  • The latest financials offered little hope for the 338-store chain.

    FORBES: Bargain Bin

  • Joel Kotkin, of Pepperdine University, points out that today not a single major bank, department-store chain or telecoms company calls the nation's second-largest city its home.

    ECONOMIST: How to remake a city

  • Before Holbrooke was sworn in, Helms asked the White House to appoint an alternate U.N. delegate: Irwin Belk, a feisty North Carolina buddy who heads a department-store chain.

    CNN: Senator No

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