• And the European piece is the most central piece at the moment in that effort.

    WHITEHOUSE: Press Briefing

  • But for the moment, central banks' vote of confidence in sterling seems to be underpinning the pound.

    ECONOMIST: Sterling strength: Reserve power | The

  • At the moment the central government has yet to give its blessing to Sky City, and many think the building will never get out of the ground.

    FORBES: Visit China's Changsha, See World's Tallest Building

  • At the moment, foreign central banks are the star bidders every time these bonds are put up for auction.

    ECONOMIST: The unstoppable, surging yen

  • But that is not the central story of this political moment.

    NEWYORKER: The Party Faithful

  • Russian inflation is as low as it is at the moment not purely through effective central banking and prudent management of interest rates, but also through the use of rather crude administrative controls on prices: hikes in utility fees, for example, usually occur in January but were postponed until April so that Putin could campaign for the presidency with the lowest possible headline inflation rate.

    FORBES: The Quiet Disappearance of Russian Inflation

  • Central bankers in plusher postings should find a moment to toast Mr Nicholl, and his efforts to pit the dismal science against the warrior's art.

    ECONOMIST: Building Bosnia on banknotes

  • At the moment, neither seems to understand the central domestic challenge of the next presidency.

    ECONOMIST: The presidential campaign

  • If there is a central clearinghouse, the marketplace would be aware every moment in time which player had a debit or credit balance.

    FORBES: Briefing Book: A. Michael Lipper

  • It is not clear why Poland's hawkish central bankers are the ones making all the headlines at the moment, while the doves are staying relatively quiet, but there is good reason to think the country's next central bank move will indeed be a cut rather than a hike.

    FORBES: Market Scan

  • Brave talk, which lasted right until the moment that election results arrived from the electoral district of Central France, revealing that UMP voters had turned out in sufficient numbers to elect three MEPs from that party, incuding Mr Sarkozy's close ally and employment minister, Brice Hortefeux.

    ECONOMIST: European politics

  • For the moment, they are more worried about the closure of the Central Line on London's Underground.

    ECONOMIST: Congestion charge

  • At the moment they get more than three-quarters of their revenues from central government.

    ECONOMIST: Local government

  • At the moment, only Euronext, the merged French, Dutch and Belgian exchange, uses a central counterparty for equity deals.

    ECONOMIST: Settling scores

  • Coming as such disengagement does - at the very moment that dangers to those interests in regions from the Middle East to North Africa to Central, South and East Asia to the Western hemisphere, the administration must be held accountable for creating (whether intentionally or simply as a practical matter) dangerous vacuums of power.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Center For Security Policy

  • Although it has the same kind of simple approach to a login as a Facebook or Twitter pop-up window, Persona's emphasis is on privacy: it stops paying attention the moment credentials go through, keeping any diatribes or subscription details from landing in social streams or central databases.

    ENGADGET: Mozilla Persona sign-in launches in beta, skips the social networking ball and chain (video)

  • Now, this is more sophisticated, more ambitious in scale, but at the moment, they're not saying this is something put together and executed by al-Qaida central command, if that exists.

    NPR: Inside the British Probe of the Terrorist Plot

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