• Telecommunications companies want buying a cellular telephone to be a "one-spouse decision, " Turley said.

    CNN: New chip design targets cell phones

  • It transmits the signal via the cellular telephone network to a computer where it can be interpreted.

    BBC: Heart monitor implant makes NI medical history

  • In a now-infamous intercepted cellular telephone call, Gingrich was recorded discussing such a counter-strategy with top GOP leaders.

    CNN: Gingrich Faces Reprimand, $300,000 Penalty

  • But the park's backcountry has no cellular telephone service, and the storm hit during a busy time, noted Chief Ranger Clayton Jordan.

    CNN: Crews search Smoky Mountain wilderness after deadly storm

  • Gerald Tumbleson, a Minnesota corn and soyabean farmer, spoke to your correspondent from the cellular telephone in his combine as he harvested corn.

    ECONOMIST: Farm prices

  • Rogers continued to expand his cable business quickly through the 1970s and in 1985 began to operate a national cellular telephone network in Canada.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Aides in the room dialed up Republicans on a cellular telephone and handed it off to the president for a series of congratulatory messages.

    CNN: White House: We've made history

  • Martin Cooper, a senior engineer at Motorola, called a rival colleague at another telecoms company and announced he was speaking from "a 'real' cellular telephone".

    BBC: Mobile phone celebrates 40th anniversary

  • Later, he traveled to Asia as the co-founder of a cellular telephone company and then, as a GOP senator from Nebraska, he served on the Foreign Relations Committee.

    NPR: Hagel Warns China On Cyberattacks

  • Mexican companies do a poor job of disclosing executive pay to the shareholders who pay them, but cellular telephone company Grupo Iusacell is moving in the right direction.

    FORBES: Capitalism is contagious

  • The system would be modeled on a method used by cellular telephone service providers to warn each other about people who have a poor record of paying their bills.

    CNN: Next wave of attacks against spammers underway

  • On April 3, 1973, Martin Cooper, a researcher at Motorola, made the world's first-ever call from a cellular telephone, a device he helped to create that weighed two pounds and had a mere 20-minute battery life.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • At a time when the uncle was in Singapore and apparently unable to participate in the requested telephonic interview, Chaisson telephoned the company conducting the interview from his own cellular telephone and impersonated his uncle.

    FORBES: State Farm Stockbroker Impersonates Uncle Seeking Life Insurance

  • Configurable triggers such as removal or tampering of the drive, removal of device from a resting GPS point, cellular telephone call, or even a change in temperature will release a "chemical mist" into the drive (not the computer) destroying it layer by layer.

    ENGADGET: Chemically misting hard drives and other remote data security solutions

  • They have set up protection rackets against the utilities companies by cutting power lines, damaging water pipes, destroying cellular telephone antennas and breaking into businesses, and then offering their "security services" to the firms and owners they have robbed in exchange for promises not to rob again.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: The rule of lawyers

  • Svyazinvest's bosses will therefore have power over almost all of Russia's communications system (in many regions, the local telephone firms also hold the first cellular-telephone licences).

    ECONOMIST: Russian privatisation

  • According to people familiar with the matter, Ashcroft has requested a 20-year extension of his monopoly after it expires in 2003 and control over radio frequencies that could be used to establish rival cellular-telephone franchises.

    FORBES: Do As I Say

  • It was a bitter defeat for Falcone, who made billions of dollars for himself and his investors betting against subprime mortgages, only to lose much of it trying to build the next big cellular-telephone network.

    FORBES: LightSquared Files Chapter 11 'To Resolve Regulatory Issues'

  • Meanwhile, a representative of Mr McCaw—a Seattle-based cellular-telephone millionaire who helped to finance September's transfer of Keiko, a killer whale, to Iceland—flew into Makah territory last week to see if a way could be found to halt the hunt in exchange for certain unspecified economic incentives.

    ECONOMIST: To catch a whale

  • Such devices might include cell phones that can switch over to operate on a customer's high-speed wireless home Internet connection, a single voice-mail box for both Internet telephone and cellular lines, and phones that allow customers to program their digital video recorders from the road.

    FORBES: Sprint's Knockout Deal

  • Another selling point is the absence of the red tape usually involved in plugging in to Italy's telephone system, whether fixed or cellular.

    ECONOMIST: Keeping in touch

  • The Philippine cellphone market has been growing at an exceptional rate, riding on the crest of the popularity of SMS (short messaging system), in which subscribers send text messages to each other, and on the poor service of the largest landline and longtime telephone monopoly PLDT, which operates Globe's closest cellular rival, Smart.

    CNN: From Our Correspondent: Sorry -- The Line Is Busy

  • Plantronics (number 43), a telephone headset maker, had its eye on Clearvox, which produces cellular headsets.

    FORBES: The Race To Embrace

  • Children have become voracious consumers of cellular communication and today are the fastest-growing and most profitable segment of the mobile telephone world.

    FORBES: Wee Wireless Warriors

  • New online content aimed specifically at cellular customers will likely be less graphic-intensive and contain useful day-to-day information, such as telephone directories and information about restaurants, entertainment, and the location of gas stations, for example, Turley said.

    CNN: New chip design targets cell phones

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