• If all goes as planned it will be the biggest carbon sequestration project in the world.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • But Chevron came up with a persuasive reason for insisting on using the island--carbon sequestration.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Cinergy, an American utility just bought by Duke, is looking into coal gasification and carbon sequestration in Indiana.

    ECONOMIST: Nuclear power

  • In fact, old coalbeds could someday become the Holy Grail of carbon sequestration.

    FORBES: With Gas Deal, Consol Strives To Turn Coal Green

  • Statoil engineer, Michel Myhre-Nielsen says that high uncertainties, big risks, and large investments are all part of carbon sequestration plans.

    NPR: Scientists Hunt for Solution to CO2 Problem

  • There are also direct rivals to new nuclear plants, such as fossil-fuel plants with carbon sequestration that can provide baseload power.

    ECONOMIST: Nuclear power

  • Mr Bush, who has made surprisingly positive comments about carbon sequestration and fuel cells, could silence the critics by following suit.

    ECONOMIST: The environment

  • Another incentive for Statoil's carbon sequestration is a big tax that Norway levies on offshore oil and gas operations for emitting CO2.

    NPR: Scientists Hunt for Solution to CO2 Problem

  • Carbon sequestration, which offers the possibility of capturing carbon produced by dirty power stations and storing it underground, is a prime candidate.

    ECONOMIST: Climate change

  • This ecosystem commands global importance as a sink for carbon sequestration.


  • Also included are extensions for wind and solar energy tax credits, incentives for carbon sequestration projects and a credit for owners of plug-in electric vehicles.

    FORBES: Congress Bloats The Bailout Bill

  • She underlined the role of salt marshes, mangroves and tidal marshes in carbon sequestration, noting their carbon capacity exceeds that of many other terrestrial habitats.

    UNESCO: Recognizing the importance of coastal Blue Carbon systems to Mitigate Climate Change | United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

  • Scientific understanding of carbon sequestration and potential emissions from coastal ecosystems is now sufficient to develop effective carbon management, policy, and conservation incentives for coastal Blue Carbon.

    UNESCO: World Water Assessment Programme (WWAP)

  • Solar and wind and even nuclear would get more credits per megawatt than gas, which would get about as much as yet-unproven clean coal with carbon sequestration.

    FORBES: Billionaire George Kaiser Has A Big Green Energy Plan

  • The criteria considered include population density, the distance to underground geological formations suitable for carbon sequestration, seismic activity, terrain, proximity to airports, military bases and so on and so forth.

    FORBES: Plotting The Next-Generation U.S. Power Grid

  • Following that, 3C wants to see the creation of a global market for carbon emissions trading as well as government support for "clean" technology projects like carbon sequestration and wind farms.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • This would include advanced land use management strategies to protect or enhance land carbon sinks, and the use of biomass for both carbon sequestration (including biochar) and as a carbon neutral energy source.

    FORBES: Green Groups Blast U.N. Climate Panel for Alarmism

  • Only then should industries take over carbon sequestration.

    NPR: Scientists Hunt for Solution to CO2 Problem

  • Carbon sequestration matters because the world cannot simultaneously meet its energy needs and climate goals without developing technologies for using the vast global reserves of coal in ways that do not contribute to global warming.

    ECONOMIST: A UN conference on global warming makes progress, sort of

  • Held in conjunction with the UNESCO Office in Doha, the trip was aimed at raising awareness of the students, with the focus on basic mangrove ecology, the importance of ecosystems for biodiversity conservation, re-creation, and carbon sequestration.


  • The software can be used to map out the value of any part of the landscape of a particular country to society from a carbon sequestration point of view, or, say, from a flood control perspective.

    FORBES: Stanford Professor Uses Software To Value Nature

  • Research is under way at the National Energy Technology Laboratory on so-called "carbon sequestration" technology that would capture CO2 gas before it is released into the atmosphere and inject it, either deep into the ocean or into the ground.

    CNN: Energy debate may soon turn on 'cleaner' coal

  • The DOE Office of Indian Energy is charged by Congress to establish, coordinate and implement energy planning, education, management, and programs that assist Tribes with the following: energy development, capacity building, carbon sequestration, energy infrastructure development, energy cost stabilization, and electrification of Indian lands.

    WHITEHOUSE: Resources within U.S. Federal Agencies | The White House

  • Big technology like renewable energy, carbon sequestration and advances in aquaculture certainly have a major role in restoring the ocean and the planet to a healthy balance, but in many cases it's a matter of giving nature the space and time to do what it needs to do with a helping hand from all of us.

    CNN: Oceans: Environmental victim or savior?

  • They are the cheapest large-scale carbon-sequestration option available: they actually consume the stuff.

    ECONOMIST: A special report on forests

  • Most big oil companies have active hydrogen and carbon-sequestration efforts under way.

    ECONOMIST: The environment

  • The Blue Carbon Scientific Working Group will attempt to detail the global relevance of coastal carbon by creating an inventory of coastal carbon storage and sequestration potential, by identifying coastal carbon hotspots, and by quantifying possible emissions associated with the degradation of coastal ecosystems.

    UNESCO: World Water Assessment Programme (WWAP)

  • The working group will gather scientific evidence to determine the role of coastal vegetated ecosystems in carbon storage and sequestration, encourage the inclusion of these systems in national carbon accounting, and consider their conservation and restoration as a viable mitigation strategy under existing climate regulation policies.

    UNESCO: Social and Human Sciences

  • The concept, called carbon capture and sequestration, is discussed by policy-makers and emitters of large amounts of CO2 as a sure thing.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Shell, Chevron and Marathon Oil announced today that they will build a carbon capture and sequestration mechanism into their 225, 000 barrels per day Athabasca Oil Sands Project.

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