• The players were short and almost entirely devoid of talent a carbon copy of the Fordham Rams.

    NEWYORKER: How David Beats Goliath

  • Most Venezuelans may not mind if the new constitution is merely a smudged carbon copy of its predecessor.

    ECONOMIST: Venezuela

  • Father Thomas Reese believes the Pole brought unique skills to the papacy, and whoever succeeds him will not be a carbon copy.

    BBC: NEWS | Europe | The legacy of John Paul II

  • Legislators were lining up to support a carbon copy of the Arizona law and polling showed support from 65 percent of the state.

    WHITEHOUSE: "The Better Angels of Our Nature"

  • She memorized Ms. Garland's breathing patterns to retain similar song phrasings, then tweaked the delivery slightly so the interpretation would seem less like a carbon copy.

    WSJ: Tracie Bennett as Judy Garland, Capturing the Essence of a Legend | Creating

  • If he was angry then, he is sure to be further inflamed by a near carbon copy of the Selhurst Park incident that led to Villa's first goal.

    BBC: Aston Villa 3-1 Crystal Palace

  • Walmex is not a carbon copy of its American parent.

    FORBES: It's Nice To Be Big

  • When Egyptians descended on Tahrir Square in early 2011, rising against Mubarak's near three decade rule, they did not expect he would be replaced by a "carbon copy, " Gamal said.

    CNN: iReporter: 'Oceans of garbage' in Egypt's streets

  • Mr. Moore also said those who are stopped should receive a carbon copy of the form that includes the officer's name and badge number, and information about how to lodge a complaint.

    WSJ: Judicial Fixes Are Debated As Police-Stops Trial Ends

  • While a scientific breakthrough in its own right, it also brings the possibility of curing genetic diseases, growing new organs and even making a carbon copy of human beings one step closer.

    CNN: You, again: Are we getting closer to cloning humans?

  • While most expect this will be basically a carbon copy of the previous several releases with perhaps a few minor tweaks, there is always the chance that the Fed can surprise the markets.

    FORBES: Portugal's Debt Raise Should Bolster Euro

  • Williams, making his first league start of the season, doubled his try tally from the restart, racing another 50 metres for a carbon copy touch-down to give the leaders a 29-0 interval lead.

    BBC: Brewery lock out for Keys

  • In the 10th over, Pietersen departed in a near carbon copy of his dismissal against the West Indies when he pulled O'Brien straight to deep mid-wicket, and at the halfway stage England were just 49-4.

    BBC: England through as rain wipes out Ireland match

  • The design appears to take a handful of cues from the Droid DNA, although there's touches front and back (such as different front camera and rear flash positions) that suggest it's not a carbon copy.


  • But Wasps had a gameplan to go with their physicality and they conjured up almost a carbon copy of Reddan's try, this time in the right corner, when hooker Ibanez threw short to Simon Shaw and took a quick return ball to dive over.

    BBC: Leicester 9-25 Wasps

  • Willian equalized again straight after the break with an almost carbon copy of his first goal, this time with his left foot, but Chelsea hit back again as John Obi Mikel had a goal ruled out for offside and then 21-year-old Nigeria forward Moses followed up his goal in Saturday's Premier League draw with Swansea.

    CNN: Barca's unbeaten run ended by Celtic

  • In the 61st minute, the Liverpool defense again went missing to allow Ivanovic to socre a carbon-copy header, this time from Lampard's corner.

    CNN: Chelsea fight back for crucial away victory

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