• Those ex-Soviet countries whose history is bound up with Byzantium and Orthodoxy looked the other way.

    ECONOMIST: The ex-communist east

  • " NarturallySpeaking fared no better, butchering the phrase "Sailing to Byzantium" into "Saline tube is a p.m.

    FORBES: Saline tube is a p.m.

  • They also established bases in the eastern Mediterranean, exploiting Byzantium's decline, gaining access to merchandise from farther east.

    ECONOMIST: History��s most important sea

  • It had been used in the West since ancient times, reaching an aesthetic and technical peak in 12th-century Byzantium.

    ECONOMIST: Chinese cloisonn��

  • Quantum of Solace's Gemma Arterton and Hanna star Saoirse Ronan will join director Neil Jordan for their mother-daughter vampire thriller Byzantium.

    BBC: Star names to attend 2013 Glasgow Film Festival

  • By then the investigation of Lee had devolved into a bureaucratic Byzantium.

    CNN: Is it time to panic?

  • An undergrad staying up all night to get an A in "History of Byzantium II, 867--1453" isn't making himself into a more productive member of the economy.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • To expend that much money requires a Byzantium millions of square feet of office space, billions in worker pay and benefits, conflicting laws and regulations, and mountains of contracts.

    FORBES: Pushing Back A Government-Centered Society

  • Other entries at Tribeca include films from Neil LaBute (the domestic drama "Some Velvet Morning, " starring Stanley Tucci), Mira Nair (the best-seller adaptation "The Reluctant Fundamentalist, " with Kate Hudson) and Neil Jordan (the vampire tale "Byzantium, " with Saoirse Ronan).

    WSJ: Linklater, Green films join Tribeca lineup

  • The chief librarians of ancient Alexandria included Eratosthenes (of Byzantium), who determined that the earth was round and measured its circumference, Callimachus, whose catalogue established the canon of Greek classics, and the lexicographer Aristophanes, who pioneered the science of etymology.

    ECONOMIST: Runes among the ruins

  • Also notable are new films from art-house directors such as Richard Linklater ("Before Midnight, " which reunites stars Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke), Neil LaBute ("Some Velvet Morning"), David Gordon Green ("Prince Avalanche, " with Mr. Rudd and Emile Hirsch), Mira Nair ("The Reluctant Fundamentalist") and Neil Jordan ("Byzantium").

    WSJ: Tribeca Film Fest Unveils Remainder of Slate

  • Recruited in 1999, Harl has now published eight courses with the Teaching Company, including The World of Byzantium and Rome and the Barbarians. (Harl recently whipped up a curriculum on Vikings because Hidalgo's research suggested that it would be a popular course.) Harl admits he earns more from his courses sold by Hidalgo (and related speaking engagements) than from Tulane.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

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