• In London, Mohammed Abdel Barri(ph) of the East London Mosque stood side-by-side with the bishop of Stepney, Stephen Oliver, in an expression of community solidarity.

    NPR: G8 Leaders Agree on Aid Package for Africa

  • It is time that a independent Palestinian state be established with sovereignty side by side with the state of Israel.

    WHITEHOUSE: Middle East Peace Talks

  • By 2007, Peter imagines 10 X-Racers launching side-by-side with the help of 1, 800-pound-thrust, kerosene hungry engines.

    ENGADGET: Rocket Racing coming in 2007

  • Sponsors participate at every stage of the paleontological process, side-by-side with a site scientist: from the use of hammer and chisel to free fossils from hard rock, to the moulding of bone replicas for display at the on-site laboratory.

    BBC: The dinosaur route of northwest Patagonia

  • The boom over the last six years coincides with the introduction of electronic trading side-by-side with floor traders at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (nyse: CME - news - people ) and the Board of Trade.

    FORBES: Goldman Leads The Risk Parade

  • Side by side with the increasing import of foreign programming, there has been a growth of foreign again, mainly American investment in media.

    ECONOMIST: A world view | The

  • As an innovation, it stands side-by-side with Lucchino having initiated the trend of building baseball-only facilities with an old-fashioned charm and smaller seating capacities, as was accomplished when he conceived Camden Yards during his term as president of the Baltimore Orioles in the early 1990s.

    FORBES: Could Restoring Anfield Be Larry Lucchino's Next Project?

  • The kids are tired, sitting by the side of the road, giggling and playing with pebbles.

    NEWYORKER: Baptizing the Gun

  • What makes life different for a Boat Race cox is that, uniquely over this stretch of water, the crews are side by side, with nothing separating them except the view of the umpire.

    BBC: SPORT | Other Sport | Boat Race 2003 | Little things count

  • Best Picture Oscar guesses are side-by-side with the eventual departure of some European country from the euro.

    FORBES: Five Fearless Market Predictions for 2013

  • Going back to the example of the sun's motion under the influence of Jupiter, the sun wobbles by about 1.5m kilometres from side to side with every orbit of the planet.

    ECONOMIST: A roadmap for planet-hunting

  • From a traffic flow point of view, the hole in the support on the far side of the box was occupied by a machine bolt with a nut loosely screwed into the end.

    FORBES: Zero Dollar Fix

  • It has stressed that the aim of the soon-to-start direct negotiation is to reach a peaceful settlement that would end the Israeli occupation which began in 1967, allowing for the independent and sovereign state of Palestine to emerge and live side by side in peace and security with the state of Israel.

    WHITEHOUSE: Middle East Peace Talks

  • In addition, it might have seemed dangerous to have stories about contemporary strikes appear side-by-side with commemorations of the May 30th Movement that stress the problem of grueling working conditions in general in China in 1925 as well as Japanese imperialism in spurring people to action 85 years ago.

    FORBES: The Chinese Strike At Honda

  • And as a consequence, Qatar is not only supportive diplomatically but is also supportive militarily, and we are very appreciative of the outstanding work of that the Qataris have done side by side with the other international coalition members.

    WHITEHOUSE: President Obama Meets with Amir Hamad Bin Khalifa Al-Thani

  • Ignoring voices in their own party and the clear message sent by American women in the last election, they instead decided to side with the far right wing of their party by allowing the bill to expire.

    CNN: House GOP failed women on Violence Against Women Act

  • The person Shamsaddinov fought with was parked by the side of the road in a Soviet-era Zhiguli, the ubiquitous model favored for cheapness rather than quality.

    NPR: Car Accident Triggers Unrest In Azerbaijan Town

  • The message is that if - and it is still a big if - the Greek government is able to pass that austerity package in the next few days, the eurozone will fulfil its side of the deal by coming up with a structure for a second Greek bailout, which Germany and everyone else can support.

    BBC: France's private support for Greece a matter of degree

  • Tired of the cycle of revenge killings, gang leaders housed side by side with their enemies in a maximum security prison outside the capital of San Salvador decided to broker a deal.

    MSN: El Salvador's gang truce cuts murder rate

  • The Briton tried to restart but then slumped down by the side of the road, sobbing, quitting the race with 6km left.

    CNN: Noguchi claims marathon gold medal

  • In both, the photographs (all of young men) were assigned by computer to one side of the conversation or the other, with each side receiving two black and two white men.

    ECONOMIST: The origins of racism

  • And not long after, Jeanne would be marching side-by-side with her son through the streets of New York.

    WHITEHOUSE: President Obama Speaks for Gay Civil Rights

  • Like many young Palestinians, Randa Wahbe has given up on the two state solution - a Palestinian state side-by-side with Israel - that Mr Obama and the rest of the international community continues to push for despite decades of failed negotiations.

    BBC: Palestinian disappointment at Obama presidency

  • Notions such as a temporary truce, the ditching of the armed struggle for a peaceful one (as happened, eventually, in Northern Ireland), or submission to the will of the Palestinian people most of whom currently want their own state side-by-side with Israel are in the air.

    ECONOMIST: Palestinians at the polls | The

  • The increase in cotton prices have largely been driven by imbalances on the supply side with a combination of droughts in China, the largest producer, and unseasonal rains in India, the second largest producer.

    FORBES: Cotton Prices Won't Ground American Eagle Long-Term

  • In keeping with the area's history and irreverent attitude, the theatre runs periodic showings of Dark Side of Oz, a multimedia mash-up where The Wizard of Oz is shown with the soundtrack replaced by Pink Floyd's The Dark Side of the Moon.

    BBC: Culver City, ready for its close-up

  • From the launch of Marshall Headphones in 2010, all the way up to the Hanwell, we have worked side by side with Marshall to ensure every detail of every product we develop meets and exceeds the expectations of both Marshall Amplification and Marshall fans around the world.

    ENGADGET: Marshall's Hanwell HiFi speaker is bred from guitar amps, at-home with your PMP (update)

  • Adkins' dismissal was met with disdain by the majority of those in football after he had led his side away from the relegation zone with a run of just two defeats in 12 games.

    CNN: A dying breed: English managers on the brink?

  • The print-ads communicate the same message with a side-by-side comparison of the fake and real lines.

    FORBES: Men Hear Old Navy's Call to "Dress Like a Guy"

  • And that means that Abu Mazen, who I believe wants there to be a Palestinian state living side-by-side with peace in Israel, deserves the support of the world.

    NPR: Maliki Assures Bush on Iraqi Force's Readiness

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