• The annual waste manager's conference took place by the seaside at Paignton earlier this month.


  • Ms Bowen thinks that people will continue to holiday by the seaside long after the summer is over.

    BBC: Staycation summer boosts Swanage

  • This is a course where the 1st and 18th hole are by the clubhouse, usually by the seaside and on sandy soil.

    BBC: The course

  • However, Christopher Landsea of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration applied a little common sense to the data by factoring out inflation, the rise in individual wealth over the period and, crucially, the increasing tendency of people to live by the seaside.

    ECONOMIST: Eye on the storm | The

  • But by then the seaside postcard had become a staple of the British holiday.

    ECONOMIST: The surprising survival of the picture postcard

  • It depends in part on what happens by the Communist seaside.

    ECONOMIST: Time for chat about Taiwan?

  • Barcelona, as legend goes, was created by Hercules, who populated the seaside town with the crew of one of his ships.

    FORBES: Overview

  • While the old pier was held up by wooden pilings, the new structure likely will be built with a mix of wooden and concrete supports and made to meet tougher standards set by Seaside Heights and the state.

    WSJ: Wipeout of Pier Is Blow to Town's Surf Scene

  • But the house was deep in the country, with no other house in sight, and the children had been in London for two years, without so much as once going to the seaside even for a day by an excursion train, and so the White House seemed to them a sort of Fairy Palace set down in an Earthly Paradise.

    NPR: Excerpt: 'Five Children and It'

  • The role played by this north Wales seaside town in Margaret Thatcher's political development has been noticed before, in the Grantham Journal and her own memoirs, but today's publication of Margaret Thatcher's authorized biography (Volume One: Not For Turning) by Charles Moore gives new insight into events there in 1948.

    BBC: Margaret Thatcher: The Road from Llandudno

  • Police and fire officials monitored the coastline all day, and shortly after 18:00 police and fire officials ordered a mandatory evacuation of the seaside resort town by midnight.

    FORBES: Thar She Blew: Hurricane Irene Leaves Millions In The Dark

  • In Uruguay, isolated surfing inlets are dotted along the coast -- disconnected, simple, seaside hamlets flanked inland by expanses of green acres populated by the occasional grass-munching cow.

    BBC: Uruguay��s laid-back surfing devil

  • That year Palmer went on to claim his second British Open title at Royal Troon -- "certainly one of my best Opens" -- as he finished 12 under par on the seaside links to win by six from Kel Nagle.

    CNN: April 5, 2012 -- Updated 2250 GMT (0650 HKT)

  • That stunt put him in reform school, followed by a series of foster homes in the seaside town of Maldon, where he joined a local art club under the tutelage of a landscape painter trained at the Royal College of Scotland.

    FORBES: The Case Of The Art Forger Who Restored Dead Painters' Careers [Book Excerpt]

  • Seaside historian Kathryn Ferry said the Illuminations' success needed to be understood by looking at the time in which they were created, when ordinary working people headed to the seaside in their thousands.

    BBC: Blackpool lights: Facing a bright future?

  • It was built at Eastleigh, Hampshire, during 1948 and withdrawn by British Railways a year after its failed trip to the seaside.

    BBC: 'Banned' Clan Line steam locomotive's return trip

  • Two other coastal awards - Green Coast and Seaside - were presented alongside the blue flags by Natural Resources Minister Alun Davies for the first time.

    BBC: Whitesands Bay in Pembrokeshire

  • Its eye-popping main villa, with concentric domes of polychrome tile, is now the jewel of a unique seaside resort owned and run by his daughter Alix.

    WSJ: The Hacienda de San Antonio

  • Six kilometres east of Ventimiglia, the seaside resort town of Bordighera, also easily reachable by bus or train, has a smattering of trendy cafes and organic produce markets, a long ocean promenade lined with beach bars and glass-walled restaurants, plus a wide shoreline for sunbathing and swimming.

    BBC: Have the Italian Riviera all to yourself

  • Hitcham, an antiquarian bookseller, fears the arrival of Harris and Hoole and other chains will damage the character of the Kent seaside town and force genuine independents out of business by driving up rents.

    BBC: Tesco effect: How big firms quietly own little brands

  • All 181 people on the larger floe near the capital city of Riga were removed by boat, and 42 people were rescued by helicopter from the smaller floe off the coast of Jurmala, a nearby seaside resort town.

    CNN: More than 220 rescued from ice floes off Latvian coast

  • Just a ferry ride from Shelter Island and the rest of the Hamptons, Greenport feels like a quaint seaside oasis, untouched by any power scene.

    CNN: 5 hideaways that aren't the Hamptons

  • They have been kicked out of Mogadishu, Somalia's ruined seaside capital, by African Union (AU) troops paid by America and the European Union.

    ECONOMIST: Somalia��s woes

  • The hang-out of superstars in summer, and a strangely quiet, pretty seaside town the rest of the year, St-Tropez has by far the best beaches on the coast.

    BBC: Mini guide to coastal C?te d��Azur

  • The Dagestani economy is 80% subsidised by the Russian government, but there is little to show for it apart from a few seaside villas and lavish weddings for the rich at which guests may sport gold-plated revolvers bulging in their jeans.

    ECONOMIST: The north Caucasus

  • But they did not suspect that, a decade on, he would be one of the most successful politicians of Central Europe especially after the communists' debacle in the first democratic election, which saw Mr Kwasniewski beaten to a Senate seat by a seaside organist.

    ECONOMIST: Aleksander Kwasniewski, a polished Pole

  • They sang songs and the locals hosted a seaside barbeque lunch, where they performed traditional Polynesian dances accompanied by Marquesan drums and ukuleles.

    BBC: A cruise to hidden Polynesia

  • The owner of part of a Lincolnshire seaside resort has apologised for leaving the site in disrepair since it was destroyed by fire five years ago.

    BBC: Grand Parade site

  • The drama began in July when police responded to a call from Seaside Beach, New Jersey beach goers who complained that they were being bothered by the wannabe television star.

    FORBES: Legal World Awaits Verdict In Snooki Annoyance Case

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