• The news from the Horn of Africa today is horrific: Drought and famine are spreading throughout the region, exacerbated by the derailment of aid shipments by the militant group al-Shabab, resulting in tens of thousands of deaths with little resolution in sight.

    FORBES: Three Ways to Do Something About Famine in Africa

  • The 6to4 protocol is the latest in a series of tools being developed by the IETF to aid in the transition of the 'Net from IPv4 to IPv6.

    CNN: New protocol sneaks IPv6 traffic over the 'Net

  • Far more persuasive are the welter of academic studies analysing the impact of aid by looking econometrically at the experience of many countries over the past 40 years.

    ECONOMIST: Untangling the aid debate

  • Lucy Hocking's was joined on BBC World News by Baroness Cox, the founder of the Humanitarian Aid Relief Trust charity and by Nurul Islam, of the Arakan Rohingya National Organisation.

    BBC: Burma's Rohingya: Aung San Suu Kyi surprisingly 'quiet'

  • His cross provided the first chance of the game for Sami Khedira, whose header was saved by Diego Benaglio with the aid of the inside of his post.

    CNN: Wolfsburg begin Bundesliga defense with win

  • Were donor agencies fully to comply with this requirement and transact their aid at the official rate, around 90% of the value of their aid would be captured by the central bank, which would be purchasing the aid dollars at around a tenth of their value.

    ECONOMIST: How to prop up the government

  • It is a policy of the Taleban to destabilise and knock the government by knocking out all of the aid and NGOs working there.

    BBC: UK charity worker killed in Kabul

  • Difficult negotiations still lie ahead on the amount of agricultural and regional aid to be received by the new members, which could be at the expense of existing aid to EU members like Greece, Spain, and Ireland.

    BBC: EBRD attacks migration backlash

  • McCurry said the goal of the multinational task force is two-fold: to facilitate the delivery of humanitarian aid by civilian relief organizations and repatriation of refugees by the U.N.

    CNN: AllPolitics - Zaire Mission

  • As investors already know, by coming to the aid of nine of the largest financial institutions last year--the government already created the basis for that list.

    FORBES: Business In The Beltway

  • The stylish curves of the camera's ergonomic design further aid image capture by placing all of the key controls right at your fingertips.

    ENGADGET: Samsung outs cheaper, WiFi-only Galaxy Camera

  • So my administration has tried to do our part by making sure that the student loan program puts students before banks, by increasing aid like the Pell grants for millions of students and their families, and by allowing students to cap their monthly loan payments at 10 percent of their income, which means that their repayment schedule is manageable.

    WHITEHOUSE: President Obama Speaks at National Governors Association Meeting | The White House

  • Most of all, residents are angered by the slow distribution of rebuilding aid.

    NPR: Mardi Gras Gives a Smaller Bounce to New Orleans

  • With all the hidden costs the military assistance entails, it is reasonable to discount the actual value of the aid by 50%.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Playing Israel's good hand

  • He also was asked by the parents of two jailed American aid workers to help secure their daughters' release, along with six other Western aid workers who are being held by the Taliban on charges of trying to convert Muslims to Christianity.

    CNN: Jackson

  • By the by, though conscious that Western aid has kept millions of his people from starving, he complains about the relative failure of Western investors to put their faith in Ethiopia's economy.

    ECONOMIST: Footwear may be Ethiopia��s commercial future

  • Three of the country's members of parliament were on the aid flotilla to Gaza that was lethally raided by Israeli commandos at the end of May.

    ECONOMIST: Yemen's dwindling Jews

  • The report alleged widespread misappropriation of aid and the use of forced labour by the army in the delta.

    ECONOMIST: Myanamar after the cyclone

  • We also assume that the interest charged on all maturing and new borrowing is 5%, in line with the cost of the aid offered by Greece's euro-zone partners.

    ECONOMIST: Bailing out Greece

  • Both the foundation's and Wipro's philanthropic efforts share a common philosophy: They seek to offer the recipients of aid an ownership stake by often requiring them to pick up some of the tab.

    FORBES: Azim Premji: India's Bill Gates

  • The architect, who studied in Wisconsin, had been shocked when, on a visit home to the town of Buea, he was confronted with a community ravaged by AIDS. Though aid workers were teaching the message of prevention, Menyoli found that most locals trusted foreigners more readily when they said that HIV was not a lie or a conspiracy but a fatal disease.


  • The United States is embarking upon a reckless and potentially quite dangerous course if, as appears to be the case, the Bush Administration enters into a "Grand Bargain-On-The-Installment-Plan" by providing various forms of aid to the Soviet central authorities.


  • The United States is embarking upon a reckless -- and potentially quite dangerous -- course if, as appears to be the case, the Bush Administration enters into a "Grand Bargain-On-The-Installment-Plan" by providing various forms of aid to the Soviet central authorities.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Center For Security Policy

  • When he addressed the conference, Justice Secretary Chris Grayling was heckled about changes to legal aid by members of the Criminal Bar Association, including barrister Andrew Taylor, a former Tory candidate.

    BBC: David Cameron urges Welsh Tories to fight 'battle of ideas'

  • But U.S. officials and Afghan police have long suspected New Ansari of being a key cog in the Afghanistan corruption machine that is fueled by mountains of aid money and illicit funds earned by drug lords and the Taliban.

    FORBES: U.S. Sanctions Prominent Afghan Bankers Linked To Corruption

  • Russia - a close ally of President Assad - has said the promises of aid to the opposition made by the US and other countries in the "Friends of Syria" group will encourage further violence rather than a negotiated solution.

    BBC: John Kerry holds talks on Syria crisis in Ankara

  • "Resolving the dilemma posed by aid dependence requires a radical rethinking of the relationships among Africa's civil society, governments, and donors, " the World Bank says.

    BBC: African economies 'in reverse'

  • Food handouts and other relief supplies for the Mehsud refugees were stopped last month by the authorities, apparently out of concern that the aid was finding its way back to the Taliban.

    ECONOMIST: South Waziristan

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