• Among them teenage pregnancies are rare and often followed by marriage, sometimes at the point of a metaphorical shotgun.

    ECONOMIST: Hispanic families

  • The settlers formed an aristocracy, but it was one which educated indigenous people could join, by talent or by marriage.

    ECONOMIST: Liberia

  • Critical appointments include the installment of Vice Marshal Jang Song-u, a Kim relative by marriage, to command of all forces around the capital of Pyongyang.


  • Born on the fringe of the Virginian planter aristocracy, George Washington became a grandee by marriage, proprietor of thousands of acres and master of hundreds of slaves.

    ECONOMIST: George Washington

  • An American, he was related both by background and by marriage to the country he was writing about, and he covered the war from the beginning, at times with a Serb price on his head.

    ECONOMIST: The Yugoslav war

  • He made his fortune out of privatisation deals in the early 1990s, helped by connections by marriage to one of Hungary's leading Communist-era dynasties—though he fiercely denies having done anything illegal or even to be ashamed of.

    ECONOMIST: A new prime minister steps up

  • Illuminated manuscripts provided the ideal portable art form for a peripatetic court that moved regularly from its base in Dijon up through the Low Countries it had absorbed by marriage and conquest in the late 14th century.

    ECONOMIST: Flemish manuscript painting

  • Perhaps the biggest blow of all suffered by the organisation was last week's death in an American bombing raid in Afghanistan of Mohammed Atef, a relative by marriage of Mr bin Laden, and described in an American court paper as al-Qaeda's military commander.

    ECONOMIST: The al-Qaeda network

  • But the gender characteristics of voter patterns were nearly canceled out by the marriage gap.

    FORBES: ZOGBY: Demographics and the Election of 2012: The "Marriage Gap"

  • Once promising partners are identified, they are often vetted by traditional marriage-brokers.

    ECONOMIST: Online dating

  • He reckons that the only way Japanese women can manage their difficult lives is by postponing marriage and having fewer, if any, children.

    ECONOMIST: Most of the rich world is short of babies

  • As one put it, civil unions really are marriage by another name, so fairness would dictate that they be called marriage.

    NPR: For Some, Civil Unions Gain Second-Class Stigma

  • There was no majority apparent for any particular outcome, and many doubts were expressed by justices about the arguments advanced by lawyers for the opponents of gay marriage in California, by the supporters and by the Obama administration, which is in favor of same-sex marriage rights.

    NPR: High Court Skeptical Of Federal Marriage Law

  • The book, by Paula Szuchman and Jenny Anderson, offers a hilarious and valid twist to standard marriage advice by showing how economics—yes, economics—is the key to a happy marriage .

    FORBES: Applying Spousonomics To Money Problems

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