• Proffitt's centralizes real estate, financial operations and information technology, but each division maintains its own buying office.

    FORBES: Businessman with a politician's touch

  • Because we think buying office furniture should be a SNAP!

    FORBES: How To Save On Office Space For Your Small Business

  • In 1977 Gill began dividing his time between the stores in Indonesia and the buying office in Singapore as his father gave his sons more responsibility in day-to-day operations.


  • Mukhtiar Singh, a Sikh with a trademark passion for sports, ran two successful sporting goods stores in Indonesia and in 1969 opened a small buying office in Singapore to be closer to regional distributors.


  • Yes, I took a calculated risk that I could be embarrassed and turned away by the Saks buyer, and yes, reaching for the ultimate, the buying office headquarters of Saks Fifth Avenue, to sell my first creation, was a daring move.

    FORBES: Successful Start-Ups Use Bold Strategies to Kick Start Sales

  • Ms Polese jokes that her biggest mistake so far has been not buying the office next door.

    ECONOMIST: Can't stop starting businesses

  • Under the same proposals, the cabinet will also discuss buying an office block in Cliftonville to convert to an annexe for Abington Vale Primary.

    BBC: Primary school pupils

  • Why are we trying to revolutionize the office buying experience?

    FORBES: How To Save On Office Space For Your Small Business

  • Tarloff prepared for his plan, calling a hospital to find out where Shinbach's private office was, buying knives and a meat-pounding mallet and arriving with a suitcase of adult diapers and clothes for his mother.

    WSJ: Closing arguments start in NY meat-cleaver killing

  • More and more companies are no longer buying and maintaining servers in their office.

    FORBES: I Cheated With Amazon.com...And Got Caught

  • Like a latter-day Harry Helmsley, he is using the money for a buying binge of first-class office properties.

    FORBES: Blind Faith

  • On the other hand, another seasoned Allianz analyst, Michael Lindsay of Credit Suisse First Boston's London office, thinks that buying Dresdner is only the first step Allianz will take to restructure Germany's interlinked companies.

    FORBES: Schulte-Noelle Scores

  • Now her office does all digital medial buying, with Doner in Southfield, Michigan making all local radio and television ad buys.

    FORBES: PulteGroup CMO Fine Tunes Marketing, Research

  • "If you are thinking about buying a new car or renovating your office, go ahead and do it then, " the author Mr. Chany says.

    WSJ: The College-Aid Shuffle

  • Indeed, at a family practice in Sherman, Tex. before buying a Piccolo, the nurse and office manager often stayed until 8 p.m. calling patients with such information.

    FORBES: 200 Best Small Companies

  • For example, a portfolio manager who feels that his or her fund is over-allocated to office properties and under-allocated to industrial could swap a portion of the office exposure for industrial without actually buying or selling properties.

    FORBES: A Guide To Real Estate Derivatives

  • Sadly, an entrenched tradition of vote-buying has enabled anyone with enough baht to hold office.

    CNN: The Politics, Stupid

  • The Post Office in Birmingham says its customers are buying 80% more euros than at the same time last year.

    BBC: Eurozone crisis brings home 'grim' warning to Midlands

  • Outsourcing companies from India and elsewhere--eyeing wages and real estate prices 30% lower than in Bangalore--are buying up call centers in Manila, pushing prime office vacancy rates below 1%.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • You can bet on the score by quarter (the home version of that one is practiced by amateurs everywhere, buying squares at the local pub or in the office pool).

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Most of his time is spent buying drugs and shooting up, then he comes to the office and acts like a wigged-out idiot.

    CNN: Review: Too much junkie business in 'Permanent Midnight'

  • The idea is to respond more rapidly to what customers are actually buying, rather than filling stores with what executives at head office think they should buy.

    ECONOMIST: Marks and Spencer

  • In Japan, where Goldman has invested for 30 years, the firm has been buying once coveted golf courses at depressed prices and similarly cheap office buildings and businesses.

    FORBES: On The Cover/Top Stories

  • To get that 8% using property, investors aren't just buying shares of publicly listed REITs or owning easy things like leased office buildings.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Rosemont Realty has been on a buying spree, snapping up at least a half-dozen trophy office buildings last year in such cities including Denver, Houston and Nashville, Tenn.

    WSJ: Deal of the Week: Flipping in Philadelphia

  • His more consequential move came in 2006, when he started buying, from five law firms so far, the back-office operations handling foreclosure work: mailing notices, notifying homeowners and courts and filing the paperwork needed to seize a home.

    FORBES: Entrepreneurs

  • As Zip drives became popular in the home and small office market, Iomega discovered that most users weren't buying very many disks.

    FORBES: Growing up

  • In Japan, where Goldman has invested for 30 years, the firm has been buying once-coveted golf courses at depressed prices, and similarly cheap office buildings and businesses.

    FORBES: On The Cover/Top Stories

  • But if they really want to get serious about it, there are better ways to do it than buying 16, 000 computers and then limiting their use to back-office functions.

    ENGADGET: State Department bans Lenovo PCs from classified work

  • Saluting the flag, buying an American car, voting for your candidate or even serving in political office do not necessarily make one a patriot.

    FORBES: Economic Patriotism

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